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  • Research Paper On The Stonewall Riots

    Groves 1 Jared Groves Ms. Ayers English II 10 - 31 - 16 The Stonewall Riots The Stonewall Riots were protests about gay rights and the beginning of the gay rights movement. It refers to the violent raids and arrests on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village at the Stonewall Inn (“White House…” par. 1). It happened June 28, 1969, in New York. It took place at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village. Most who protested were LGBT people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender). They all protested for the privileges of LGBT people. The Stonewall Riots took place in the morning of June 28, at around 1 AM where there was an unannounced raid on the Stonewall Inn (Hughes n. pag.). There were many reasons the raid happened. One thing was that homosexual relations were illegal in New York during the time. The Inn was basically the only place LGBT people could stay safe together without harassment (“Stonewall Riots” par. 1). When the raid took place, the officers actually performed it legally. An example of why it was legally justified is because the Stonewall Inn was serving alcoholic beverages without a license (“The Stonewall…

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  • The Stonewall Riots

    Based on the events of the 1969 Stonewall riots is the film, Stonewall. The movie focusses on fictional Danny Irvine, a gay Caucasian youth who leaves his conservative Indiana countryside for New York City. In the weeks leading up to the riot, he meets and befriends a group of LGBTQ youth. Danny is shown the rough lifestyle of theft and hustling of these street kids as well as the realities of police raids and the brutality of their bigotry. In the process, he learns more about LGBTQ culture…

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  • Dreschler Hotel Trend Analysis

    that I am. There is no significant “one” type of person that I am trying to attract to this establishment, but more of a variety in order to fill all the rooms on a regular basis. I would like to offer up the name of Santa Cruz Country Inn since this is in the heart of Santa Cruz County and offers up the scenic picturesque country side that it does. All of the features of this establishment speak country to me. The bird watching, hiking, natural beauty of the landscape surrounding the inn,…

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  • Creative Writing: Breakdown Home

    cloak and shook the rain from it. Hanging it on a hook just inside the door he let his eyes adjust to the light. He became aware of the occupants of half a dozen tables scattered around the inn. Several tables were occupied by small groups of Gnomes, drinking and eating. One group, louder than the rest, were playing a game of cards, accusations of cheating seemed to be flying around. A hush fell over the room as he entered and all eyes turned towards him. He nodded a greeting. They surveyed him…

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  • Hotel Industry Analysis Paper

    Overview Unique and innovative marketing trends are helping restaurants all over the country make their businesses successful. Even markets that are not tourist destinations welcome visitors, and restaurants roll out the welcome mat for conventioneers, business travelers, and sports enthusiasts. In different areas of the United States, restaurants have to come up with unique marketing trends that will lure travelers to their business. For example, Nick Mikus is the owner of Nick’s Ristorante in…

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  • P1 Hotels

    tower, knight’s bar, the club house and private dining. The hotel also provides facilities such as spa treatments, beauty treatments, golf courses and wedding packages. Business hotel An example of a business hotel is Carlton Hotel Dublin Airport which includes rooms such as roof top suites and superior rooms. The hotel provides dining room called the kitty hawks bar and restaurant. Budget hotel A budget hotel is the lowest category of hotel that provides the rooms and meals at a…

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  • The Hotel Sindersdorfer Hof Case Study Report

    The Hotel Sindersdorfer Hof was our overnight accommodation for the second night of our three day road trip from the UK to Slovenia. Our requirements were that there should be parking right at the hotel, that dogs could stay in the rooms and that ideally there should be a hotel restaurant or a place to eat very close by. We found everything we wanted in the Sindersdorfer Hof and booked through Sindersdorf Sindersdorf is a small village situated 800 metres from junction 56 of the…

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  • Taaras Hotel Case Study

    4.2 Hotel Attraction Taaras resort, is a beach and spa resort which located few kilometers away from the small island found just outside of the East Coast of tropical island in Malaysia namely Terengganu. The resort is filled with contemporary barefoot luxury experience accompany by the 5-star private beach residence and a sixteen meter infinity swimming pool, personal fitness and both interior and exterior lounge decks. The hotel has more than 183 stylish suites and rooms as well as five…

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  • Perfect Hotel Case Study

    TITLE Enjoy High-End Luxury At Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna LEAD PARAGRAPH Located in the Landstraße at Renwig 16, Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna is a luxury 4-star hotel that is most suitable for business travellers and those travelling for pleasure. If you like quietness, nature, culture and the opportunity to be close to the city centre then this is the perfect hotel for you. If you fancy having Belvedere Palace and the Botanical Gardens as your back-garden and the possibly of…

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  • Stonewall Riots

    The early morning hours on June 28th 1969 marked the beginning of a new era for the gay rights movement. The Stonewall Inn, at the time one of the few establishments that openly welcomed the gay demographic, was raided by the police. Subsequently, a riot erupted amongst the arrested crowd – the first time that the gay population had protested a police raid. The incident incited several more violent demonstrations in the following days, which have been famously dubbed as the Stonewall riots. The…

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