Hotel Industry Analysis Paper

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Unique and innovative marketing trends are helping restaurants all over the country make their businesses successful. Even markets that are not tourist destinations welcome visitors, and restaurants roll out the welcome mat for conventioneers, business travelers, and sports enthusiasts. In different areas of the United States, restaurants have to come up with unique marketing trends that will lure travelers to their business. For example, Nick Mikus is the owner of Nick’s Ristorante in Huntsville, Alabama. Mikus captures diners all across the country and even international destinations with the menu of his upscale eatery. Roughly about every market in the United States welcomes travelers for countless reasons, such as business, entertainment,
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For example, the airport in Columbus, Ohio, advertises its eateries on digital signage boards, strategically selecting spots in baggage claim areas or locations visible to travelers leaving the airport (Smith 50). The St. Elmo is located near a hotel and airport as well. When visitors come to a particular city, they will most likely look for what is next on their adventure, and being located next to a hotel and airport has helped immensely with visibility and the branding of the St. Elmo. The Capital Ale House launched a rewards program in 2013 that has helped their restaurant business grow. This program was designed specifically for hotels in the Richmond, Virginia area. The hotel employees can give guests a card that will entitle them to ten percent off their food at the Capital Ale House. The reward carries the hotel’s name and rewards points for the diner to the hotel’s account. Hotel managers will then be able to redeem points at their discretion, such as rewarding a staff member with lunch, or providing a hotel guest a complimentary dinner. The rewards system has played a huge role in getting hotels on the restaurants side. Now hotels in the Richmond area are seeing first hand a direct benefit from recommending the Capital Ale House (Smith …show more content…
One of the marketing trends that stood out to me the most was to build strategic relationships with guests. This trend is key if restaurants want guests to come back to their restaurant and spread the word about how the service at that particular restaurant was unlike any other. Another trend that compelled me was how the Capital Ale House designed a rewards program that was specifically for the hotels in the Richmond area. With this rewards program, hotels will be on the restaurants side as well because they will see a direct benefit from recommending the Capital Ale

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