The Stonewall Riots

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Based on the events of the 1969 Stonewall riots is the film, Stonewall. The movie focusses on fictional Danny Irvine, a gay Caucasian youth who leaves his conservative Indiana countryside for New York City. In the weeks leading up to the riot, he meets and befriends a group of LGBTQ youth. Danny is shown the rough lifestyle of theft and hustling of these street kids as well as the realities of police raids and the brutality of their bigotry. In the process, he learns more about LGBTQ culture and involves himself in the struggle and starts the riot.
The Stonewall riots were a major part of the gay liberation movement from the late 60’s to the mid 80’s. Although homosexuality is part of the norm for much of human history, for the past few centuries
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The movie cheapens the significance of the events that took place. As a movie set around one of the biggest movements of the 20th century, it does a horrendously inaccurate job at showing the movement even as part of the background. The movie’s cast is almost entirely Caucasian with a few token minorities thrown in it for. “representation”. However, Stonewall was a movement made of mostly people of colour with a large variety of looks and body types. They were the people of colour, the drag queens, the transgendered women, and the lesbians. Yet the movie presents the rioters as if there were barely any of them out there. The movie also removed or sidelined some of the most notable people of colour in the movement. For example, Marsha P. Johnson, an actual black transgendered woman and Stonewall veteran was reduced to being comic relief in the little screen time she was given. Other important people were completely removed from the film despite their significance. Sylvia Rivera and Storme DeLarverie, for instance, never appeared in the film despite them being part of some of the defining moments of Stonewall. Furthermore, the people who participated in the actual Stonewall riots were everything Danny is not. Yet, the Stonewall riot scene literally has a black person hand Danny the first brick so that Danny can be the one to throw it. It is almost as

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