Essay On Women Should Not Serve In The Military

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Annotated Bibliography

Browne, Kingsley, Co-ed Combat- The New Evidence That Women Shouldn’t Fight the
Nations’ War, New York: Penguin Group, 2007. Print

Browne’s basic argument is that sexual integration jeopardizes and degrades the affectedness of our military. He argues that women should not be in combat using research in biology, history, psychology, sociology and law. Browne does acknowledge women that have served and are currently serving and states they do deserve thanks for their contributions.

Saying the book is credible is somewhat extreme, but it does provide some science to back up his opinion. The book does contain topics that although controversial, have a ring of truth in them. The book by Browne is a controversial argument on the reasons why women should not serve in combat. Browne uses his writing style to entertain. He personally lacks the experience in my opinion of military service, but does use resources that have experience and education in the field of military duty. His book is overwhelming to absorb for myself, a previous female officer in the Army for almost three decades, but does well in debating the subject of women in combat and the recent change to allowing women to serve in specialized combat position in the Armed Forces. He is a professor of law at Wayne State University and currently teaches at the school
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No one really knows how a person will react in the face of danger, but the article points out that there are times when any size or strength can perform in an amazing and heroic way. The other point I will take from this article is that thru diversity of all kinds you can get a more well round perceptive on issues and the actions that can be taking to resolve issues. I will use this topic as a foundation point in my argument

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