Jena Gregor Military Women In The Military Analysis

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Women deserve more respect. For quite some time now, women have been participating in the military, which, of course, originally only allowed men. Throughout the years of their participation, women have demonstrated that they are just as competent as their male counterparts. Last year was a particularly significant year for female soldiers as they were finally allowed to move into battalions that were formerly all male. Jena McGregor, a writer for the Washington Post, wrote her thoughts on this historical achievement for women in her piece “Military Women in Combat: Why making it Official Matters.” McGregor was inspired to write this piece because many people are under the misconception that women and men are treated as equals and some may …show more content…
Clemmitt begins her article with a brief summary of the story of Army Spector Shannon Morgan. Morgan was enlisted into the army at the age of twenty as a vehicle mechanic, and because of her job and the restrictions against women in combat, she believed she was never going to be fighting in Iraq. Despite that, she became the first woman to take part in ground combat and killed at least one Iraqi. Though it went against the bars of the military, she was rewarded for her actions because in Iraq there is no front line; everywhere is considered a battle field. Clemmitt also mentions Ann Dunwoody, the first female four-star general. Clemmitt also points out that despite the restrictions some women have secretly participated in ground combat, thus demonstrating that women’s role in the military is becoming more important (Clemmitt). Clemmitt’s piece gives excellent and real examples of actual women in military and their experiences and achievements that prove McGregor’s claims of women being skilled soldiers when it comes to combat. Female soldiers like Morgan and Dunwoody are not the only ones who have made remarkable achievements as women in the military, however they are among the few who have been recognized for their actions which supports that more women are capable of doing what Morgan and Dunwoody had

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