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  • Ayahuasca History Essay

    Ultimately, Ayahuasca history cannot be traced through the ages, however some facts are able to be found regarding this plant native to the Amazon. To begin with, Dennis McKenna’s article “Ayahuasca: An Ethoparmacologic History” says, “The origin of the use of ayahuasca in the Amazon Basin are lost in the mists past of prehistoric” (McKenna). The history of this enlightening tea is only known to the people looking to obtain higher consciousness and to the shamans that hold the keys of enlightenment. Furthermore, according to an article in the National Geographic Adventure Magazine states that, shamans of the Amazon consume ayahuasca as a sacrament for a “window into the soul” (6). The legends of this sacrament predate any writings on ayahuasca. Illustrated in the article “Ayahuasca: An Ethoparmacologic History” not knowing how ayahuasca was discovered is something we have to live with through the ages although a lot of delightful myths are circling the drug. The UDV says that the knowledge came from King Solomon, who bestowed his insight to the Inca king during his supposed visit to the New World (McKenna). Shifting from legends to the scientific realm, in 1851 the botanist Richard Spruce came upon the hallucinogenic tea among the Tukano of the Rio Uapes in Brazil ([Schultes 1982] 1). Moving forward to the nineteenth century, reports…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Independence Day In The United States

    transgenderism as just another lifestyle, the push to legalize illicit drugs, ubiquitous pornography, half the population born out of wedlock and euthanasia are all accepted as business as usual in contemporary America. It goes without saying that raising this generation of children differs greatly from the one in which we were raised. Life is layered and complex. Things may be peaceful now as many are consumed with the drama of everyday living, but that seems to be changing. There is an…

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  • The Knights Of Labor: Terence V. Powderly

    The Knights of Labor started as a mystery society of tailors in Philadelphia in 1869. The association developed gradually amid the hard years of the 1870s, however specialist militancy ascended toward the finish of the decade, particularly after the colossal railroad strike of 1877, and the Knights' participation ascended with it. Terrific Master Workman Terence V. Powderly took office in 1879, and under his authority the Knights thrived; by 1886 the gathering had 700,000 individuals. Powderly…

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  • Shout Of Death By Craig Evans Summary

    About the Authors Craig Evans is the John Bisagno Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins and Dean of the School of Christian Thought at Houston Baptist University in Texas. He is a graduate of Claremont McKenna College, received his M.Div. from Western Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from Claremont Graduate University in southern California. He has also been awarded the D.Habil. by the Karoli Gaspar Reformed University in Budapest. A…

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  • Ayahuasca Research Paper

    to try Ayahuasca? For a new scenery, a vacation, to envelop themselves in the Amazonian jungle, and most importantly to experience a new but old culture. An authentic tradition that many critics believe is being ruined by the ones who are seeking it out themselves, tourist. Many say that Ayahuasca tourism is bringing the wrong type of attention to Ayahuasca and making it into an industry instead of a tradition. Whenever there is money, there will be corruption. People have falsely taken up…

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  • Gaian Culture Analysis

    the book about aliens and how it relates to consciousness. Taking this into account, I understand that the planetary culture is about ecology, electronics, consciousness, aliens, and more (Thompson, 2013, p. 78). Terence McKenna is another spiritual leader who believes that human consciousness is evolving. He discusses how hallucinogenic mushrooms and consciousness are directly related to each other. As that may be true, I believe being true to myself and present in the moment is important to…

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  • Summary: The Overuse Of Antibiotics On Factory Farms

    their growth to get the most money from them after their death. Jenni Cathcart, author of “Antibiotic Contaminated Meat Not Safe for Human Consumption”, also brought up the idea that the antibiotics are given as a precaution due to the living conditions forced on cattle to prevent the widespread of illness and death. The usage of antibiotics for prevention and growth, which are not the original reasons for antibiotics, have led to the extreme overuse of antibiotics. This overuse of antibiotics…

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  • Tabernanthe Iboga Research Paper

    ataxia, mindfulness, synaesthesia, catharsis, and ego death. These effects fall far short of describing an ineffable experience, but do provide a peephole into what taking something such as Iboga would be like. Iboga is an extremely fascinating psychedelic often described as the most intense of all the psychedelics including DMT. As Iboga based religions such as the Bwiti grow and Iboga becomes a more accepted cure for addictions to dangerous substances such as heroin, more information on…

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