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  • The Heavy Metal Subculture

    Heavy metal emerged in the 60s/70s and popularly became known simply as a “heavier” type of rock. At this time its audience was a relatively small, dedicated and homogenous subculture. However, the theatricality, noise and subversive themes that defined metal soon gained worldwide attention due to the genre’s divergence from the type of music popular at the time. Heavy metal was provocative in its very nature, and thus incited strong reactions from its listeners, whether positive or negative (Walser xi). These strong reactions prompted both criticism and praise; a massive increase in heavy metal’s fanbase, termed “metalheads” coinciding with a backlash against metal’s subversion to popular culture. Rock critics thought heavy metal was “brutishly…

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  • Heavy Metal Stereotypes

    Heavy metal emerged in the 60s/70s and popularly became known simply as a “heavier” rock. At this time it was relatively homogeneous and a small, dedicated subculture. However, the dramaticized theatrical performances and powerful, loud music soon gained worldwide attention because it diverged so strongly from the music being produced at the time. No matter if the reaction was positive or negative, most people had a strong viewpoint when it came to heavy metal (Walter xi). With the growth of…

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  • Sally Donovan's War: A Short Story

    East would be a boon, not only to their directly neighbouring countries, but also to the world. They mounted an aggressive campaign against several countries, too aggressive by some standards, and it wasn’t long before most of Europe had retaliated. It was about that point that Canada, the United States, and South America, through the Great Unification of 2040, merged their forces and proved to Europe, if not the world, how powerful they could actually be. With the Middle East suitably…

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  • My Mixing Process

    Mixing My mixing process varies depending on the track but there is a definite process and a use of common plug-ins. I have chosen one of the bigger tracks on my album as a sample for the mixing process. (Appendix 10) My aim for the over all mix of my song was to not have a overly processed track this meant having fewer plug-ins and a more real sound. Below will highlight some of my main mixing processes. Drums Before mixing my drums together as one, I put EQ on all the track the aim was to…

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  • The Influence Of Rock Music

    Typically, when people think of “rock music”, they would think of loud, hard hitting drums with fast, intricate guitar solos, and screaming vocals. People don’t usually think of slow, smooth, bluesy guitar playing when they think of rock music, but what most people don’t realize is that without the blues, musicians such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and even AC/DC would not exist. Blues music has had a dramatic influence the way rock music has, and is currently…

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  • Hard Rock Research Paper

    Yet many other genres like heavy metal, glam metal, shock rock, speed metal, thrash metal, and alternative rock have been inspired by hard rock. They have taken their signal and further developed the music scene to what it is today. Thus, hard rock is considered the origin of the heavier styles of rock music ("Hard Rock"). Today hard rock is a symbol not only one genre but much more. Many other genres/subgenres were influenced by hard rock and its characteristics. Though, today I believe hard…

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  • Violent Themes In Metallica's Heavy Metal Music

    Musicians create music for many reasons. They write songs about love and songs about the loss of love. Some create songs to brag about how much material possessions they have or to express their own personal happiness. However sometimes there exists situations in the world that are so upsetting and controversial that even musicians feel forced to act. In time of war and turmoil, musicians become the voice of the people and through their music they reflect the growing discontent of the…

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  • The History Of Heavy Metal

    Come take a walk down the boardwalk that is Heavy Metal history. Note by note. Guitar riff by guitar riff. Unravel the mystery that is Heavy Metal. Let 's jump into the late 1960’s, now you might find yourself at a Led Zeppelin jamaton, or even a The Jimi Hendrix Experience concert? Now these revolutionary bands brought the blunt and clear lyrics showing all the faults in the world that we want to overlook. Travel to Birmingham, England in 1968 and you would be there for the birth of true metal…

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  • Music In The 80s

    Big hair, neon clothes, and parachute pants are some things you might about when you hear someone mention the 1980s. Nothing was understated and image became more important than ever, especially in the music world, during this decade. New music and new inventions in the 80s would change the way we listen to music forever. The creation of MTV was a big deal in the 1980s. MTV was the first television channel to only showcase music videos, the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star,” being the very…

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  • Modern Music Analysis

    short verses, screaming vocals, repeated chorus, and the fast guitar strumming are all common in the punk genre. The strings are not common in punk music. Punk also focuses on the lyrics. Most lyrics in punk focus on fighting politics, and alienation. This song does have a punk vibe. The lyrics of the mystery song talk about alienation and disagreeing with authority. This could be a punk song. The final possible genre is metal. Metal uses hard-hitting drums, fast guitar playing, punk like…

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