The Lord Came Essay

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The Lord Came
After those jealous and hardhearted Jews killed the Lord, He arose as He said He would, on the third day. By His resurrection, He made good His promise; the very promise for which they killed Him. The chief priest and elders sent that mob into the Garden called Gethsemane, to arrest Jesus and drag Him back for trial. When the Lord was brought before the authorities, they sent out a message that they were looking for witnesses to testify against Jesus. I don’t know if there was a bribe (money) involved or not, but it seems that quite a number of people lined up with a story to tell. Yet, out of all those who “tried out,” only two were thought to have a story (charge) with merit.
Even though the charge those witnesses made
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After the Lord had served the disciples breakfast on the shore of Tiberias Lake (Sea of Galilee), Jesus said to Peter, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love [agapao] Me more than these?” Prior to this event, Peter had implied that he loved the Lord more than the other apostles. So, the Lord asked him: Peter, are you certain that you love me more than My other disciples love me? Jesus was asking about the degree of Peter’s love; therefore, He employed the word agapao. Peter answered, “Yes, Lord; You know that I love [phileo] You.” Peter did not claim that he loved the Lord in the sense of agapao nor did his humbled heart suggest that he loved the Lord more than the other …show more content…
John was about thirty years old when Jesus made that statement. More than sixty years later, John had lived through the destruction of Jerusalem and seen the day when each of the other apostles had died. It had been thirty years since the last apostle had died and John is now nearly a hundred years old and he is in prison on Patmos Island.
John was, “In the spirit on the Lord’s Day” (Rev. 1:10). Perhaps, the exact meaning of that statement is not fully known; however, one might imagine John standing out there on that barren and lonely island all alone with his back to the sea. He hears the waves as they lap upon that rocky beach. He is probably daydreaming. He is reminiscing about the past and whatever there is left of the future for him.
He would remember that day when the Lord had called him to be an apostle. (Matt. 4:21) He could remember when he and his brother were called “Sons of thunder”. And then that special day when he stood alongside the Lord’s mother at the foot of the cross and heard Jesus commission him to take care of His mother. (John 19:27) Mary, on the unhappiest day of her life, went home with John and tradition says that she lived with him until she died. John could remember when he left his homeland and moved to Asia Minor. He had been preaching in Asia Minor for nearly fifty years. Yes, he could remember the words

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