The Crucible Quote Analysis

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19.a. Speaker: The speaker is Reverend Parris.
19.b. Audience: The audience is Judge Danforth, Hathorne, and the other townspeople involved in the hangings.
19.c. Context: At the time this quote is spoken, Danforth is getting ready to hang John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse.
19.d. Content: Parris is stating that the hanging of an upstanding citizen such as Rebecca Nurse will upset the town and will cause the people to revolt against Danforth and the court.
19.e. Significance: This quote is significant because it displays the fear within Reverend Parris, who is worried that the town will revolt if Rebecca Nurse is hanged.

20.a. Speaker: The speaker is Judge Danforth.
20.b. Audience: The audience is Reverend Parris, Reverend Hale, and the other villagers
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Speaker: Elizabeth Proctor is the speaker.
21.b. Audience: John Proctor is the audience.
21.c. Context: At the time this quote is spoken, Elizabeth is trying to convince John to confess in order to save his life.
21.d. Content: Elizabeth is informing John that Giles Corey had been stoned to death because he refused to confess to his charges in order to protect his land and friends from the court.
21.e. Significance: This quote holds significance because it displays the righteousness of Giles, who refused to implicate his friends for the sake of the court.

22.a. Speaker: John Proctor is the speaker.
22.b. Audience: The audience is Elizabeth Proctor, Judge Hathorne, and the other townspeople who are involved in the hangings.
22.c. Context: During the time this quote is spoken, John has agreed to confess to his accusations in order to save his life.
22.d. Content: John is stating that he should lie and live as a fraud, unlike Rebecca Nurse who deserves to die like a saint.
22.e. Significance: This quote holds importance because it states that John has been defeated by the court and has decided to abandon his honesty and righteousness in order to save his life, rather than die with integrity like Rebecca

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