Tension And Conflict Between John And Elizabeth Proctor In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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John shows some sensitivity to ease the mood, when he asks Elizabeth if she is sad. Miller cleverly shows Elizabeth. Elizabeth's continuing mistrust of both john and Abigail. Elizabeth and john show us that they are appearing both worried about events in Salem, but for different reasons.

More conflict grows when miller allows john to become angry and find fault in Elizabeth. The tension is page 43 seems to calm down abit when Elizabeth and john discuss the fact that they are 14 people in jail awaiting trial. Also, that the governor says that these people will hang if they don't confess. Elizabeth and john begin to discuss Abigail's power in the court. Elizabeth the suggests to john that he must go to Salem and expose Abigail as a fraud. She says john should reveal what Abigail told him about 'dancing in the wood'.

Conflict is shown greatly in page 44 when Elizabethcatches john out with the lie, as john reveals that he had a meeting with Abigail in a room on their own.

Accusation, denial and suspicion arise as john tries to cover it up
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The language used in this section of scene 2 cleverly hints at the court scene to come. It seems as though john's private life will be mirrored in the next act.

Page 46 shows that 39 are now up for trial, some clearly innocent. John loses his temper with Mary Warren who has returned from court. As we know Mary warren gives a puppet/doll to Elizabeth. The audience suspect the doll will somehow implicate things for Elizabethin tee arrests. Tension is created because we sense that if Elizabeth is arrested the pressure will be enormous on john to tell the truth to save her.

Miller shows a different feeling in age 50 as Mary warren tells Elizabeth and john that Elizabeth has been mention in court, Elizabeth tells john she thinks Abigail wants her dead, she speaks with increasing sarcasm as I think Elizabeth is still jealous of john and Abigail. John agrees to go to Salem.

The tension then increases when john is naïve to think than Abigail would be so manipulative, he is shocked and starts to realise what Abigail has done, to his marriage. End of page 51 and Miller shows

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