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  • Eddy Berhendt's The Kindertransport: The Holocaust

    The Kindertransport In the 1930’s through the 1940’s, the German Nazi government took over and began capturing jewish and other people, putting them in concentration camps. If you did not fit the “master race” (blonde hair, blue eyes) you were put into concentration camps as well. This cruel act is known as the Holocaust. Adolf Hitler is the one who orchestrated this all, but a man named Eddy Berhendt created the Kindertransport. The Kindertransport took approximately 10,000 children and shipped them off to Great Britain to live in foster homes. The Kindertransport was known for why it was created/implemented, living conditions, and the impact it had on the children. The Kindertransport was created by a man that wanted to put his skills to the test and how he wanted to do it. This man was Eddy Behrendt, Founder of Kindertransport Association and a Holocaust survivor organization (“The Kindertransport Association”). He was…

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  • Kindertransport Analysis

    However, in November of 1938, a mere nine months before the official start of the war, the British Consulate, signed a bill declaring that Eastern European children under the age of seventeen would be welcomed into England with the condition that a sponsor was willing to board you and pay 50 pounds (approx. 1,000 pounds in today’s value) for a visa, this became known as the Kindertransport. This miraculous sign of mercy saved 10,000 children from the Nazi party by smuggling them in by the 300s…

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  • Essay On Kindertransport

    Kindertransport Introduction It is a common believe among most societies that in times of war or conflict, women and children suffer the most. More often than not, they account for the lion’s share of civilian casualties. In order to understand the subject of Kindertransport, it is imperative to evaluate it within the context of the particular conflict that necessitated it occurrence; the Second World War, which began in 1939 and lasted up to 1945. In essence, Kindertransport implies child…

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  • Kindertransport Case Study

    success of the Kindertransport children’s placement in foster families or hostels, and the support and educational opportunities awarded to them varied considerably, and in some cases, totally unsuitable placements and lack of support made the participants’ lives miserable. Although historians report that the British had determined that the moment contact was established, responsibility for each child should rest with the professional staff until each was settled into his or her new home, other…

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  • Moral Issues In Nazi Germany

    According to Samuels (n.d, p.6), the first Kindertransport arrived in Harwich, Britain on 2nd December. From then onwards, the Movement for the Care of Children facilitated the safe arrival of two transports each week, until July when arrivals were increased to daily. The last train ferrying children from Germany departed on 1st September, 1939, just two days before the eruption of the Second World War. Saamuels (n.d, p.6) establishes that at least 10, 000 children of whom at least 7, 000 were…

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  • A Book That Shaped Me: Remember Me

    who is Jewish and is living at the time of the Holocaust (1939-1945). Marianne has to leave her parents and go with other children on a train called Kindertransport (Kindertransport were trains that brought Jewish children to safety in Britain during the Holocaust). When she gets to Britain, she has to go and live with a stranger named Mrs. Abercrombie Jones. Strangely, Mrs. Abercrombie Jones acts like a mother to Marianne even though she is very disappointed when she sees that she was to take…

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  • Nuremberg Laws Survive The Holocaust

    Many times after someone applied, they would be rejected. Unlike those people, a small few got lucky: “My parents applied, and by pure luck, I was one of the chosen ones”. Herbert Levy was a young German boy when Hitler came into power. He was transported to the Netherlands, where he would stay until he would meet his parents: “ They were interned in a British camp for ‘enemy aliens’. Levy recalls being greeted with chants of ‘Bloody Germans!’ (‘This was quite amazing for me,’ he says, ‘because…

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  • Differences Between WW2 And The Holocaust

    During the time of WW2 and the Holocaust, the British government demonstrated determination and persistence when they took action by creating a series of rescue efforts for Jewish children called Kindertransport. The British government knew that their rescue mission would be impossible on however their “persistent efforts of refuge aid committees” allowed 10,000 Jewish children to be safe. The British committee for the Jews of Germany and the Movement for the Care of children from Germany were…

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  • The Tragedies Of The Armenian Genocide And The Jewish Holocaust

    Throughout both genocides women had similar experiences and very different as well. Women had to watch the lives of their children get destroyed and often watch their children die. However, there were also many different experiences some Jewish women had the chance to save their children through a program called Kindertransport whereas Armenian women did not. Women who were not Jewish had very different experiences in Nazi Germany. Most were able to send their children to school without any fear…

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  • War And Genocide Summary

    opening borders, but that wasn’t easy either. About twenty thousand German’s and Austrian’s were allowed to immigrate to the United States in 1939, only about two thousand German Jews were successful in gaining entry into Canada. Some of the Jews made their way to places like India, China, Africa and the Caribbean, however conditions would prove very difficult once arrived. Even these Jews that fled had suffered a great impact from Hitler’s wrath. Many of them had families that were slaughtered,…

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