Leonardo As A Renaissance Man

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The Renaissance, by definition of the word, was an era of rebirth. It came subsequently after the time of the Black Plague and was seen as a time of hope and restoration of the arts. From painters to sculptors, architects to scientists, the world of the Renaissance was filled with creations that continue to be prominent today. We still read and perform the plays of Shakespeare, we still display and view the paintings of and Raphael and we continue to revere the scientific discoveries of Galileo. Out of this world of Renaissance Men, one that is the most well known and had a considerably widespread amount of knowledge was Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci.

Leonardo’s life started out a little less than ideal. He was born out of wedlock
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Again located at the Louvre Museum in Paris, France, the portrait attracts about “six million visitors per year.” We have yet to figure out the exact story of and to completely solve the mystery behind the Mona Lisa and why the world is so fascinated with this painting, but maybe the intense amount of unknown is just the cause. It could just as well be Leonardo Da Vinci’s immense talent and care when it comes to this and other …show more content…
Over the course of his lifetime, Da Vinci became a master of his trade, and is well known for it. Shortly after being asked to work for the king of France, Leonardo died on May 2, 1519. Even his death became quite the tale. Though it likely could be filed under a box labeled “legend”, it is said that Leonardo “expired in the arms of the King, in the seventy fifth year of his age.” How ever the exact story of his death went, it can certainly be said that Leonardo Da Vinci lived up to the phrase, from humble beginnings to great

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