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  • Mentoring Vs Discipleship Essay

    Discipleship and mentoring are two vital ministries needed both inside and outside the church. Both can be life changing and seem rather synonymous with each other, however, there are differences that are needed to be understood between the two. Plainly stated, disciples devote themselves to the precepts of Christ and possess both passive personal and active social qualities (Sanders, 1994). A disciple appreciates the heavy, personal toll of discipleship, and with a humble spirit, is willing to suffer and surrender their lives to Christ at any cost (Sanders, 1994), including laying down one’s own life. In many churches, the concept of discipleship is skewed by the desire to fill seats throughout the congregation, and as a result, no lasting transformations can be realized in the believer (Hull, 2004). Discipleship is considered by many in…

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  • Jesus Authority In Greek

    Every disciple of Christ is called to grab the baton of the Great Commission, and run with it. It is definite that Jesus’s disciples should live with the Mission of God attached to their lives; because it is God’s command to go into all the world and make disciples. Let 's begin; the mantle of the Great Commission in the Gospel of Matthew is in chapter 28 verse 18, which says, “Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.” A word that should…

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  • The Three Stages Of Obedience To The Purpose Of The Church

    Introduction Making disciples is the overarching purpose of the church. However, many churches struggle with understanding and fulfilling the true meaning of Christian discipleship in individuals’ lives. This writing assignment will attempt to expound on several significant aspects of discipleship. The importance of the centrality of Jesus Christ to Christian discipleship will be detailed. Also, obedience to the directives of Christ and submission of particular areas of one’s life will be…

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  • Jesus Passage Analysis

    This passage from Mark includes an open acclamation that Jesus is Christ, the first prediction of Jesus’ death, and a reflection of true discipleship. In the opening scene, as Jesus and the disciples are on their way to Caesarea Philippi, the reader sees that even while in route to their destination their work never ends as they grapple with the questions that Jesus asks. It seems that Mark desires to make it clear that in the eyes of Jesus, the disciples are set apart from the masses in the…

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  • Millennialism In Israel Analysis

    In that view, the church replaces — or as they would say — “fulfills” — Israel. There is no further national program for Israel nor is there a future earthly kingdom lasting for 1000 years with Christ ruling from Jerusalem. This millennial (which means 1000 years) view is called Amillennialism (meaning: no literal millennium). I reject that view in favor of what’s called Premillennialism which basically says that Christ will return before the millennium to set up His 1000-year kingdom on earth.…

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  • Daniel Tribulation Period

    Daniel’s 70 weeks lay out God’s plan for the nation, Israel (see Daniel 9:24-27). According to most scholars within both the Dispensational and Covenantal camps, the Messiah (Jesus) is cut off (crucified) after the 7 and 62 (7+62=69) weeks. These are weeks of years, not days. Dispensationalists teach a parenthesis (2000-year gap) between the 69th and 70th week, which becomes the church age of grace, essentially starting from Christ’s resurrection and extending all the way until the rapture of…

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  • Beloved Disciple Identity

    to is the beloved disciple. The second to last set of verses in John, does not provide an answer the question of who this Beloved Disciple is, but only raises more. In this essay, I will explore the identity of the Beloved Disciple, and by doing this, also examining the authorship of the gospel. The beloved disciple is a character who is not explicitly named in the fourth gospel. He makes several different appearances within the gospel, but…

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  • Representation Of Confucianism

    In the beginning it had only a local significance, only the princes of Lu and the disciples offering sacrifices at certain times of the year. That is until the first emperor of Han passed through the country of Lu in 195 CE and sacrificed at the tomb of the sage. This action marks the beginnings of national worship of Confucius. This also prompted three emperors of the Han dynasty, Ming-ti, Cheng-ti, and Zhang-ti, to offer sacrifices in honor of Confucius and his seventy-two disciples. These…

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  • Bach's Apparent Blasphemy

    more unified or chaotic Bach highlights the calamity or confusion that is happening; third, at the end of the work Bach descends into deeper, darker music that, even without the vocal accompaniment, conveys the gravity of what has just happened. However, throughout his piece, Bach does periodically include bright movements that give the listener a sense of hope. And this glimmer of hope is fulfilled at the end of the masterpiece. Word painting is the effect of writing a certain section of…

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  • Servant Leadership Style Of Jesus: A Literature Review

    According to the above epigraph, servant leaders acting in the capacity of a salt leader will strive to promote a workplace culture that is based on Christian values (e.g. Servant leadership combined with agape love) where good is rewarded and evil is rebuked (Gomez-Mejia et al. 2012, 494-595). Dale Roach (2016, 45)—author of The Servant Leadership Style of Jesus: A Biblical Strategy for Leadership Development—argues against creating a homogenous culture saying that Jesus’ practiced diversity…

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