Saving Private Ryan

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  • Saving Private Ryan Essay On Survival

    You have limited resources, no source of help and you are lost in the middle of the Pacific Ocean; do you trust your survival skills? Aron Ralston, Hyeonseo Lee, and Private Ryan attempted to do the impossible. Under terrible conditions, these people had to find a way of survival. Despite the impossible odds of some situations, determination, courage, and brotherhood can help people get through any and every complication. Aron Ralston showed tremendous determination, knowing that if he wanted to…

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  • Saving Private Ryan Movie Analysis

    never truly know how it feels to be in war, unless they’ve been in one. Even if someone who’s seen war tells them about it, they can’t understand. Movie’s rarely portray it how it’s suppose to be or they can’t catch the feeling of it. Although, Saving Private Ryan is one of the movies that show a piece of the struggle of war. With the many strong events that happened, it shows the war that only those who serve in it experience. It wasn’t just the main squad that showed what war is, but also all…

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  • Windtalkers Movie Analysis

    Marine Stg. Joe Enders (Nicolas Cage), during the mission on Soloman Islands, loses all his troops. He receives the medal but still suffers from emotional problems and he feels guilty. There are two Native American characters: Private Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach) and Private Charles Whitehorse (Roger Willie). They are sent with others Navajo tribesmen directly from Indian reservations to military academy in order to become code talkers. Navajo language is so unique that it was used during WW II to…

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  • Bridge Of Spy Movie Analysis

    Worth-watching historical movie If anybody thinks historical films are all about boring and wasting time, this movie would change their mind. Bridge of Spy was based on a true story of U-2 incident in 1960. A Soviet spy, Rudoft Abel, was arrested, and James Donovan, an insurrance lawyer at that time, was chosen to be his defender. Francis Gary Power, a pilot of US army, was arrested by the Soviet Union after failing his misson. In the meantime, the young Frederic Pryor, an American college…

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  • Summary Of Spielberg's Review For Saving Private Ryan

    audience to experience the same cruel reality that each soldier had to face. At the end of the trailer we see a soldier standing alone against the sky. Furthermore, we see the same image to appear on the posters for Saving Private Ryan. Steven Spielberg’s new world war movie, “Saving Private Ryan" has been almost universally lauded for painting an unusually realistic portrait of war. Moviegoers not only see what combat looks like, but they hear it as well, from the plink off gunfire on a…

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  • Anzac Day Speech

    Imagine, sitting on a jagged rock in a roughly dug out trench; your best mate and brother beside you,along with countless others. You hold a gun in your hand and wear a naval uniform, feeling that you're doing your country proud. As the commanding officer gives the signal, you haul yourself over the trench wall, rushing towards the enemy with fierce determination. Then you see others, falling around you, clutching their sides and screaming in pain. Your brother and friend lying on the ground…

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  • Passchendaele Movie Analysis

    Passchendaele is a Canadian war film portraying the life from the perspective of a soldier. Sergeant Michael Dunne was in the Battle of Vimy Ridge, where he was wounded and sent home as a neurasthenia patient. While being treated, he falls in love with his nurse, Sarah Mann. David Mann, Sarah’s younger brother, decided to ask his girlfriend, Cassie Walker, father’s permission to marry her, but gets rejected in front of a crowd as he is not in the military. He is told that he must be enlisted to…

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  • Gallipoli Personal Narrative

    It was a cold brisk morning when my squad and I started our journey to Gallipoli, there were three young guys in front of me, with five others behind. We were all waiting silently, some of us were looking out for enemy snipers and mines in the water. Were about to hit the beach, I can hear gunshots and people shouting “medic!” at that moment a bullet whizzed passed skimming my helmet.All the sudden bullets were coming left right and center, “get down, we're taking fire” it was too late for some…

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  • Desmond Doss: A True Hero

    surprise. Instead of fleeing. He would lower them one-by-one with a rope and after he lowered one he would pray “Lord, please help me get one more”(http://www He would lower them from a 30-50 foot cliff (http://www Saving 75 people’s lives especially in extremely in danger situation proves that you are a hero. After the war he was given the highest medal of war. Another time that shows that Doss show he is a hero…

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  • Africa In Blood Diamond

    Blood Diamond, directed by Edward Zwick reaped success at many film awards shows, including the 2006 Academy Awards, its reach was worldwide. The film takes place during the civil war in Sierra Leone in the year 1991. The film follows Danny Archer, an ex-mercenary from Zimbabwe and Solomon Vandy, a Mende fisherman. Though both men are African, their pasts and presents are in stark contrast to one another. Through Solomon’s discovery of a rare pink diamond, the prospect of change in both these…

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