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  • Radical Histories: The History Of Education

    school system were increased intensely. Facing intensive criticisms, the public school system in the United States was changed, and finally has reached to the edge of collapse in recent years. New schools such as charter schools, school vouchers, and private schools were developed dramatically (Ellis, 4-6). As a result, many public schools in America were closed and the entire system in some states could be diminished in the next few years (Ellis, 6). Thus, discussions of the education of…

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  • The Importance Of Pursuing A Career In Education

    Teachers, not only, have to take criticism from society, but, have many other obstacles ,such as, how many years of schooling they have to dedicate, what grade level chosen to be the entry point, gender, with the added decision to teach public or private school. Them to be involve . "The higher the education, the higher the pay,"…

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  • Case Study Nancy Zito

    moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2005. Following her husband’s desire to move back to his home state, Nancy left her decades-long teaching career in the New York City Public School System. As she adjusted to life to her new home and worked in a private school, she would often pass by the Gardere neighborhood. As she built relationships with parents living in Gardere, she found that several students were struggling academically in the public school system. Out of a concern for these people…

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  • Reasons To Wear Uniforms In Public Schools

    year that I chose my less traveled road. Enrolling in Chicago Hope Academy, a private Christian school, wasn’t always the plan. Instead, I had hopes of getting into Muchin College Prep., which is a public school in Chicago. Although attending Chicago Hope Academy was not my original plan, spending my last four years at a private school has made all the difference. This difference was a result of the structure of a private school education—enforcement of strict rules, dress code, and expectations…

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  • Public Schools Keep Kids In Poverty Analysis

    In Kandice Sumner’s Ted Talk, “How America’s Public Schools Keep Kids in Poverty”, she composes a well-constructed argument, concerning the issue of improperly and unequally distributed funding and resources to schools. Specifically, schools that are in low income and increased “colored” areas. Although I agree with her point of view that there should be a more structured and equally supplied school budget with necessary resources, I do not believe that the inequality is targeted to students of…

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  • Public Colleges Vs Private Universities

    When looking to attend a college there are a great amount of things you should look into. There are two different types of universities: Public and Private. Both types of universities have multiple similarities and differences. Most people like to find a school that has the major they are interested in. They also want a school that they feel would fit them well. Look at all the major factors before you come to a final decision on a university that you want to attend. These factors include how…

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  • Are Field Trip A Good Way To Spend School Funds Summary

    In the article titled “ Are field trips a good way to spend school district funds?” written by Lillian Mongeau on May 12,2015 talk exactly what the title says that if school should spend more funds on a field trip then before. This article has both positions in why the school should and shouldn't spend more money on taking the student on a field trips. Here is one reason for each side 1. Student gain more knowledge 2. Students don't really care and its a waste of class time.The thing is that…

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  • Argumentative Essay On K-12 Education

    States is more than capable of raising it’s ranking, but the question arises as to how this can be done. Further, the question becomes as to whether expanding school choice is the direction to go. With there being 98,328 public schools and 30,861 private schools in the country in the 2011 to 2012 school year the sheer number of schools can cause one to believe that expanding schools is not the direction…

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  • Personal Narrative: Holy Family School

    school every morning- ones that I will not soon forget. From age four to age fourteen, my school day invariably began with these words. From my childhood years up to my early teenage years, I attended Holy Family School, a remarkably small, close-knit private school which seemed appropriate for the town of 4,000 people that it was situated in. The ten years I spent in that undersized school building meant a lot to me, after all, they shaped the way I interpreted the world and the people in it.…

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  • Reflective Essay On My 10th Honors English Class

    On April 7th, my 10th grade honors English class was handed our final assignment. Our task was to find a topic, research it, write an essay, and present it. It sounded dreadful to many of us. Yes, we did have some class time to work on the 550 point assignment, but we had to do the majority of it at home. The essay was not due for over a month, so I had time come up with a topic. Initially, I thought it would be extremely difficult to choose something which I could devote multiple hours to,…

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