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  • Reflective Essay On My 10th Honors English Class

    On April 7th, my 10th grade honors English class was handed our final assignment. Our task was to find a topic, research it, write an essay, and present it. It sounded dreadful to many of us. Yes, we did have some class time to work on the 550 point assignment, but we had to do the majority of it at home. The essay was not due for over a month, so I had time come up with a topic. Initially, I thought it would be extremely difficult to choose something which I could devote multiple hours to,…

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  • Public Education Vs Classical Education Essay

    There are so many ways in which to be educated these days. You could go to the general public school, a private school, a Christian school, or you could get an online education. Having so many choices could cause some confusion when parents are trying to decide what would be best for their child. Many parents don’t take classical education into consideration. It is argued that classical education is out-of-date and no longer relevant, but classical education is still very adequate. So, what is…

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  • Similarities Between Private And Private Schools

    Public school and private school are two whole different worlds. Anyone who is asked whether they think private school or public school was more beneficial will have different opinions about each. Some say they like public school more, others say private school was more helpful. Whatever their answer, there are appropriate arguments for and against each type of education. I personally believe that private school does a more efficient and effective job of bettering student’s education and the way…

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  • Aristotle's View On Private Property

    late Middle Ages. To Aristotle, ownership was the foundation of a stable social order as the satisfaction derived from the accumulation of items owned and from the sharing of private property acts as a positive trigger to good government. Land or belongings owned by a person or group that is kept for their exclusive use is private property. To Aristotle, property is a part of the household, and the right to acquire property is a part of managing the household as…

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  • Example Of Socioeconomic Status

    I sure felt like it. It doesn’t have to mean my schooling was worse than those little kids, it just meant they had more freedom in their private school. With private schools being privately funded, with such a high tuition, one would think this means they have better teachers and administration. GreatSchools Staff said this is not always the case. Not all private schools hire teachers that are up to date on their certifications for the state. With other state guidelines that do not need to be…

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  • Reflection On My Race My Location My Education

    My Race, My Location, My Education Every child in America is given the right to free education. While all American children are entitled to an education, however, this does not mean every child in America receives equal educational opportunities. Every aspect of a child’s identity shapes his or her education in a unique way. Identity is also influenced by society. Colorblind racism and other domains of power affect student success. As a white student, race positively effects my educational…

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  • Crossingham Case Study

    Crossingham, Brady, named after its managing partners John Crossingham and Ronald Brady, is a law firm located in City of St. Catharines. Once a large law firm with thirteen (13) lawyers and multiple employees is now small firm with four employees. The law firm was established in the early 70’s with under the name of _________. Since its inception, there have been different solicitors associated with the firm and different names of the firm. Ronald N. Brady is the last member of the firm…

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  • Education System In America Essay

    As much as we hate to admit it, America 's education system is extremely flawed, even in the year 2016. Of course as much as we try to ignore the issue on sight, there is no denying that there are several factors that play into the role of a child’s education here in the United States. Circumstances such as how much money their parents make, whether or not their parents attended school all the way through (Or chose to drop out), or even what part of an area they live in play such a monumental…

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  • Wells Fargo Case Study

    Wells Fargo & Company: A Career Employer Choosing an appropriate employer is vital to career success and security. It is important to identify the company’s dynamics, strengths, opportunities, and workplace salaries and benefits in order to make an educated decision for employment. Within the banking industry in the United States, there are several factors that determine the achievement and future durability of a banking company. According to a study conducted by Atkins et al., the…

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  • Essay On High School Observation

    I interviewed Dawn Hofsted, a high school math teacher at the Forest Grove High School. When I first walked into the school, the environment felt very different from what I was used to. I went to a private school all my life, the Forest Grove High School felt very big, the hall ways was triple the size of my high school’s hall way; When the kids got out of class, everyone was talking to each other and walking in different directions and the big hall way became very packed and busy. When I got…

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