Examples Of A Hero's Journey

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In many works, books, movies, and other aspects of entertainment, the hero’s journey is not uncommon to the typical reader or moviegoer. The hero’s journey is one of the oldest tools to compose a piece of literature or work, however, it hardly ever fails to strike the audience as entertaining whether it be about a fictional or nonfictional occurrence. The journey to contain evil, both mythologically and realistically, requires sacrifice and courage in the face of fear, demonstrated in The House of Hades and Saving Private Ryan.
One example of courage in the face of fear occurs in Rick Riordan’s The House of Hades. The novel entails a journey in which an ultimate containment of evil to protect the mortal world from being overrun by monsters and the Giants will come with a sacrifice. When the main heroes in the story, Percy and Annabeth, fall into Tartarus, the pit that contains all evil in the world like monsters and Titans, Percy sacrifices himself by jumping in after Annabeth in an attempt to save her from the fall. As both demigods find themselves in Tartarus, they quickly come to realize they must embark on a quest to close the Doors of Death and keep all monsters from returning to the mortal world. It is likely that Annabeth would find herself either dead or alone in the pit without Percy if he did not love her so much. When Annabeth was falling into Tartarus, Percy became blinded by love for Annabeth and bravely and stupidly threw himself in after her
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The great sacrifice made by the main protagonists to obtain the greater good in both works was one to behold, both works had their heros scale many obstacles that made them suffer on their path to achieve their goal and give bountiful life and halt evil in their

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