Examples Of The Hero's Journey In The Odyssey

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Odyssey Explanatory Essay
In “The Odyssey” by Homer, Odysseus finally gets home after twenty years of adventures, and experiences . The “Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell represents each step that almost every hero-quest goes through. Odysseus goes through some of those steps when he is traveling on his journey and when he gets home. In “The Odyssey”, there are three events that relate to the “Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell. These events are the Call to Adventure, Entering the Unknown, and Tests and Supreme Ordeals.
During the Trojan War, the Greeks are helping trouble with winning the war. They call on Odysseus in hopes that he will leave his home town and go to a place he has never been to to help them win the war, which is the Call
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In the “Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell, Campbell starts to talk about Entering the Unknown, “as they embark on their journey, the heroes enter a world they have never experienced before. Very often it is filled with supernatural creatures, breathtaking sights, and the constant threat of death” (Campbell). When Odysseus is leaving the lotus eater island and going to the Cyclops island he had no idea what he was getting himself into.When Odysseus gets to the island he notices a Cyclops.The Cyclops traps Odysseus and his men in a cave without even knowing it. The Cyclops sport Odysseus and his en and try to kill them. Odysseus has never seen a Cyclops before, so when the Cyclops tries to kill him and his men, he doesn’t know what to do, “...he dumped it with a great crash into the hollow cave, and we all scattered fast to the far wall” (Homer 566). If Odysseus has seen a Cyclops before, then he would know exactly what to do when a cyclops gets …show more content…
This is when Odysseus tries and gets his son back who then helps him pass Penelope’s test and fight off all the suitors, “...Penelope tests Odysseus to prove he really is her husband”(Homer 613).Tests and Supreme Ordeal according to “Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell, is when “The heroes progress through a series of tests, a set of obstacles that make them stronger, preparing them for their final showdown”(Campbell). This is a great example of Tests and the Supreme Ordeal because Odysseus went through all these little tests during his 20 year journey to prepare him for Penelope’s test and prove he is her

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