Resurrection of Jesus

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  • The Resurrection Of Jesus In N. T Crumpled's Simply Jesus

    N.T Wight, in his book Simply Jesus argues that modern people are guilty of oversimplifying Jesus, because they do not understand who Jesus really was, what he did, and why that matters. To truly understand who Jesus was, we must look at him from a first century perspective. People believed in many different ideas than what is believed today, so it is necessary to think in a way similar to how people in the first century thought in order to have a better understanding of who he was as a…

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  • Exegetical Essay: The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus

    Christ’s Death and Resurrection in Prophecies Paul in writing many letters to various churches is able to write in great depth on many topics of concern to the early churches. In his first letter to the church of Corinth, Paul conveys that his teachings on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are “in accordance with the scriptures” (1 Corinthians 15.3-4). While Paul is directly referencing the prophecies of Jesus, he is also alluding to greater themes within Israel’s Scriptures.…

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  • Isaiah 53: The Death And Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

    This verse represents Jesus Christ, completely absent of sin, yet shows His complete obedience to God, as Jesus becomes the perfect atoning sacrifice to give His righteousness to sinners. Jesus Christ left His divine nature to be born a sinless lamb here on earth to fulfill the purposes of God. Jesus Christ represents the Lamb of God as this animal gave heightened significance in the Old Testament by what it represented in the Jewish sacrificial system. Furthermore, Jesus Christ…

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  • Pannenberg Jesus's Resurrection Summary

    Christology of incarnation and the power of Jesus’s resurrection and the relationship of Jesus and God and man. Wolfhart Pannenberg here looks and analyses the contrasting theories between the Alexandrian fusion of Jesus with God and Antiochene separation between Jesus and God. He demonstrate that neither side was able to express and justify the unity or duality of Christ. Theological ideas at stake Pannenberg says “The teaching about Jesus Christ lies at the heart of every Christian…

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  • Shout Of Death By Craig Evans Summary

    Evans lists some reasons that Jesus aroused opposition which ultimately contributed to his death concluding that “in the end, the Jewish authorities sought to kill Jesus not because he was a good man but because Jesus was perceived as a very serious political threat.” (p. 9) He closes the chapter by noting the theological implications of Jesus’ death which for early Jews steeped in Messianism signified that he wasn’t the Messiah they expected…

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  • Life After Death Analysis

    definition of life after death. It should be Life after death after life. What does happen when we die? How does death link to God 's big plan for the world as we know it? In Tom Wrights lecture at King 's College, he address ' the topic of Death, Resurrection, and Afterlife. This entire discussion can be expressed in what Wright likes to call “life after life after death.” What he means by this phrase is, you live, you die (or as the Bible would call it, sleep), and God resurrects you. We find…

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  • Essay On Bodily Resurrection

    of the Bodily Nature of Jesus’s Resurrection and Its Eschatological Implications Thus, I now turn to the matter of the historical credibility of Jesus’ “bodily resurrection” and its eschatological implications. Unlike Peacocke and Keller’s view of the bodily resurrection of Jesus, it is “credible” or “well-motivated belief” that the resurrection of Jesus was a “bodily” event that happened to Jesus based on the two traditions of many eyewitnesses and Jesus’ empty tomb. On the basis of…

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  • Personal Narrative: Resurrection Life

    Resurrection Life Easter was my father’s most favourite time of year, and it became increasingly so as he grew older. His spirit identified with nature as it came to life again after the desolation and cold of a long Manitoba winter. Each new flower species, from crocus to daisy, heralds new life after death. Unless a seed dies, God cannot give it a new body. When I was doing my first term of Clinical Pastoral Education at University Hospital in Saskatoon, SK, a World War Veteran was assigned…

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  • An Analysis Of Gautama's Death

    This is my triumph. This is my coronation day.” But for those who are not in Christ, resurrection from the dead is for judgment and consignment to eternal punishment. The Bible teaches that God has set a day to judge the world in righteousness by the Man whom He has appointed, having furnished proof to all men by raising Him from the dead(Acts 17: 30-31). Do you know this resurrected Christ? If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, NOW is the accepted time to make peace with…

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  • Theory Of Atonement In Religion

    First the images do not describe a theory of the atonement or the plan of salvation that explain what God must do and what must happen to Jesus if God wants to save the world. They used these images not to explain what God must do in order to save us, but to interpret what God actually did do. He suffers as the representative of sinful people so that they may be reconciled with God. One way to get at the meaning of the doctrine of the atonement in biblical religion is to contrast it with what…

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