Resurrection of Jesus

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  • Cristo Muerto The Dead Christ Analysis

    Formerly known as the Cristo Muerto, The Dead Christ is a sculpture that depicts the aftermath of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It is made out of wood and from an ancient technique of Polychromed Poplar. It is believed to have been used in Northern Latium and Umbria while also traveling and being used at to other churches. After it had been discovered, it was reinstated to what it would have looked like in the period that it was created. Today, it is renowned for its importance in the history…

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  • Paul's Claim Of Life After Death Essay

    vain, and we are still in our sins. Indeed, Christianity hinges on the reality that Jesus died and was raised—never to experience death again. Left on its own, there is nothing revolutionary about the claim of life after death, nearly every religion attempts to answer that question. The significance of the resurrection is that through it, Jesus proved that He was the Messiah. With the Greek terms for resurrection (anastasis and egeiro) occurring multiple times in the speeches of Acts, there is…

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  • Essay On The Gospel Of John

    out to prove that Jesus Christ is God. God came in human flesh as Jesus Christ to show His people His great works through miracles and teachings. During Jesus’ time on this earth, He used the claim “I AM” to describe himself throughout all His teachings. The Gospel of John shows at least eight different times Jesus says this. Seven of these claims were accompanied by signs to back up His words. This paper is going to discuss one of these “I AM” statements, “I am the Resurrection and the life” in…

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  • The Miracles Of Jesus Vesus In The Gospel Of Jesus

    the author uses several miracles of Jesus to show that the miraculous acts are specific in nature and directed toward achieving the goals stated in John 20:31. The intention is to understand Jesus is the Messiah and to provide a means of eternal life.1 However, among scholars sometimes there is debate as to exactly how many of these miracles are signs. Most tend to agree that there are at least seven, but a dispute sometimes arises if the Resurrection of Jesus should be considered a sign.…

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  • Docetism Research Paper

    Church. It is the belief that the humanity of Jesus is mere a disguise, and actually Jesus is God. This belief is against many doctrines that the Church agrees with. Docetism denies the Incarnation because it is believed that Jesus is an image of God, and God does not need to be made into a human. The belief is based on that “matter was evil, and hence that God would not take on a material body”. Since “Christ was born without any participation of matter”, Jesus is not a true human being but…

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  • Exaltation Of Christ Summary Chapter 2

    Exaltation of Christ There are four stages of the state of exaltation. 1. Resurrection a. The nature of the resurrection The resurrection of Christ's body and his soul is really real. His body was raised from the dead. Jesus did not rise as a spirit only but as a whole person, body, and soul (Bloesch, 2004). Unlike the other human, His body and soul rose completely. This shows that Christ defeated death. The resurrection of Jesus in his human nature indicates a perfection that is getting raised…

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  • Easter Liturgy (MSM) Easter Liturgy

    Christians to follow and be devoted to the examples set by Jesus. The rite of demarcation was also significantly evident in the ritual as it the Easter Liturgy was marking a specifically important part in time and the participants transitioned between two seasons from Lent to Easter. Finally, the Rites of Memorial was apparent in the liturgy as the participants were required to recall, remember and reflect on the death, resurrection and stories of Jesus. The MSM Easter liturgy…

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  • What Is The Purpose Of Luke 23

    from the mission preparation principles in Luke 24. First, the missionaries must know resurrected Jesus personally. Usually we perceive Luke 24:36-44 as the resurrection story. Indeed, this event was about…

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  • O 'Collins' Rethinking Fundamental Theology

    Fundamental Theology”, O’Collins provides an analysis of the ideas surrounding the legitimacy of the revelation surrounding Jesus’ resurrection. O’Collins’ primary argument is that in order to believe in God, we must also believe in those who personally bore witness to his divinity. O’Collins goes on to outline three positions academics take with regards to the legitimacy of the resurrection. These include: (1) faith without reason, (2) faith based on evidence and (3) the subjective and…

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  • Analysis: The Paschal Meal

    incarnation is in many ways that God worked in Jesus. For Christians, Jesus righteousness means, God rule in His life; God rule in his death meaning, Jesus was “obedient unto death” (Phil 2:8). These two characteristics spur the Christians to call Jesus the righteous servant found in the prophet Isaiah, (53:5). Jesus is prophecy as the righteous servant who was wounded for our sins and gave up His life to free everyone. The righteous God raised Jesus from the dead “for our Justification”…

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