Resurrection of Jesus

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  • Who Was Jesus In Van Biema's The Gospel Truth?

    belief is that Jesus died on the cross to forgive the sins of the world. That God sent His only son to the world to help save His people. Near the end of Van Biema’s article he talks about how the Jesus Seminar said that “the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was not essential to the faith; and that, in fact, the Resurrection may not have occurred at all,” . This was not surprising to hear, because the Jesus Seminar is trying to decipher what Jesus did or did not actually say. For the Jesus Seminar…

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  • Redemption In The Gospel Of Mark

    Everyone needs Jesus in their life. We are all sinners, but the son of God, Jesus came to free us from all sin redeeming us. Throughout the life of Jesus Christ, he redeemed people through words, actions and relationships. Throughout the Gospel of Mark it gives you an understanding of Jesus 's life, death and resurrection. The Gospel of Mark is the life death and resurrection in about 50-70 AD. Probably written to early persecuted Christians. It was the purpose due to the fact that the…

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  • Jesus In Islam Research Paper

    Jesus in Christianity is often seen as the central figure of worship, a divine individual, and has also been described in the bible as performing miracles with gifts that his father bestowed on him. It is a common misconception of many believing that Jesus is seen the same in every religion. However, the religion of Islam proves that Jesus is not seen with the same perspective that Christians see Jesus; although there are some similarities. In Islam, the Qur’an (which is the moral code for…

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  • Reflection Of Jesus Christ: The Passion Of Christ

    between the movie and the bible. And some that were not even in the bible at all. The movie focuses more on the torture, violence and death of Jesus. There is only a brief scene that shows the resurrection of Christ. In the beginning of the movie, it begins in the garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus is praying. It showed a snake that was crawling around him. Jesus stamps the snake to death. The movie was trying to show that he was tempted while praying. The bible however does not suggest that he…

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  • Summary Of Athanasius On Incarnation

    Athanasius "On Incarnation" In the book "on Incarnation", Athanasius explains the incarnation of Jesus Christ, in order to refute the non-believers position of incarnation. The book is divided into nine chapters, which chronologically explains the different stages of the incarnation of Jesus and his relationship with humanity. Athanasius held his position as Archbishop of Alexandria from (c.296-c.373). He was the twentieth bishop of Alexandria, and emphasized Orthodox Church theology in his…

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  • Definition Of Salvation

    QUESTION 1. What does salvation mean? How does the death and resurrection of Christ save us from our sins? Are Christians the only persons who can experience salvation? Can animals and other living things in God’s creation be saved? Question 1A: What does salvation mean? Salvation is defined as rescue from mortal peril, deliverance from sin and death, and the gift of fulfilled life in communion with God. In classical Protestantism, salvation is forgiveness of sins and rescues from the…

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  • Lent Influence On Religion

    on Ash Wednesday, 40 days before Easter, not including Sundays. Lent is a time when many Christians "fast" from something or add something to their spiritual formation, and focus on repentance and reflection on Jesus Christ - his suffering, sacrifice, life, death, burial, and resurrection. Lent has been practiced by the Christian church, as early as the second or third…

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  • The Doctrine Of Incarnation

    turn to Jesus to keep God from doing what God would like to do to us. Jesus is himself the coming of "God our Savior, who desires everyone to be saved" (1Tim. 2: 3-4). The death of Jesus for us is God 's own action to fulfill that desire. "All this is from God, he reconciled us to himself through Christ (2 Cor. 5:18). The doctrine of the atonement should awaken us first of all not terror of God 's wrath, but joyful thanksgiving for God 's love…

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  • The Importance Of Miracles In Early Christianity

    known miracles performed by Jesus Christ in the bible, this paper will be concentrating on a few of the main miracles that Jesus committed. Miracles are an important and purposeful act for God to deliver people from danger (Exodus 14:21-31), to demonstrate that God of the Bible is the one true God (Exodus 7:2-5, Kings 18:16-38), and to authenticate God’s message or messenger (John 10:25). Furthermore, throughout the…

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  • The Benefits Of Redemption In Delores Williams's Why God Become Man

    this narrative to compare the surrogacy of Hagar to the surrogacy of Jesus. Williams argues that Jesus “represents the ultimate surrogate figure; he stands in place of someone else; sinful humankind. ” Her theology illustrates that since Christ is the surrogate for humanity, to reverence his death is to celebrate suffering and make exploitation sacred. Instead, Williams would argue that humanity’s redemption is in the resurrection of Christ and not his death. This argument is a major difference…

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