Resurrection of Jesus

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  • The Principal Beliefs Of Christianity

    the divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, the nature of God and the Trinity, the revelation and the salvation, influence the life of adherents by providing the core foundations to what they are to live their live based upon. Variants of these beliefs are expressed through differing religious perspectives such as Catholicism, Anglicism and Pentecostalism. The divinity and humanity of Jesus Christ is of the belief that Jesus is both fully human and…

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  • `` The Faith `` By Charles Colson

    of their complexity, but this is not problem that must persist when accompanied by a clear explanation of these complex issues. The birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus altered and transformed the world by revealing the nature of God to humanity, providing a pattern for a Christian life, and by atoning for the sins of the world. Jesus and the Trinity According to…

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  • The Gnostic Gospels

    Orthodox Church as they responded to attacks of heresy from one another. The purpose of this review is not an all-inclusive review of the entire book, but a focused look at two important chapters: one that addresses various interpretations of the resurrection of Christ and another that deals with the question of which church should…

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  • Resurrection In Faulkner's Light In August

    Christians, most dominant religious group in the world, tell the story of crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his holy resurrection repeatedly in church, emphasizing the importance of the two. The current Easter Day celebration, a silly day embedded in American culture celebrated with chocolate bunnies and colorfully decorated eggs, continues to hide the true significance of the day--celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. Likewise, in Light in August, William Faulkner…

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  • Gospel Of Jesus Research Paper

    be true from what Jesus tells us in the Bible, about being the Son of God and how He was here to die on the cross for our sins, showing everyone who He was and who ever believe in Him is save, or healed if they were sick. In this paper, I will be talking about the trustworthiness and historicity of the Gospels. The historical reliability of the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ miracles, and did Jesus claim to be God. Did his disciples believe he was God? The accuracy of the resurrection accounts in the…

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  • Christianity And Resurrection Essay

    I. The Preexistence of Christ a. I believe there is a link between Christ’s eternity and deity. Jesus will always be God and even in his human form he was always God. In John 10:30 it say “I and the Father are one.” Which meant that when Christ became man, he was still one with his father. Jesus was fully God and fully human (John 1:14). II. The Humanity of Christ a. I believe that Jesus Christ is fully man. I believe that God became man in the incarnation (1 Timothy 3:16). The joining between…

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  • Strobel: The Case For Christ

    summary that corresponds line by line with what the gospels teach” (Strobel 281). There are many inconsistencies when it comes to the resurrection, but, the inconsistencies are not found in the major details, so they don't actually discredit it. One theory pertaining to Jesus’ body disappearing is that the women went to the wrong tomb, which would lead them to deduce that Jesus had been raised. However, this isn't plausible, as authorities would have alerted them of the error. Another idea is…

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  • NT Wright's Surprised By Hope: Rethinking Heaven

    In NT Wright’s “Surprised By Hope: Rethinking Heaven, the Resurrection, and the mission of the church, he asks us a question of what is the ultimate Christian hope? In his book, NT Wright argues that the present understandings of future hope about heaven, resurrection, and the mission of the church have confused believers for decades. Wright then introduces us to God’s intended purpose of hope through Jesus that would ultimately change our worldview practically and reshape the mission of the…

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  • New Millennium Ideology

    “Christology for the New Millennium” First, “Christology is the theological study devoted to answering two main questions: Who is Jesus? (the question of his identify) also What is the nature and significance of what Jesus accomplished in the incarnation? (the question of his work). Now, the meaning of Millennium refers to the thousand-year reign, to anticipate that the new millennium will occur at some future time (Grenz 25, 79). With the meaning of both words in mind, Christology…

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  • Demille: The Life Of Jesus In King Of Kings

    DeMille’s presents a black and white silent classic about the life of Jesus in King of Kings. DeMille’s silent black and white film tells the works of Christ in a way that it truly stands the test of time. There is significant details from scriptures in the Gospels included in the film. Often there were quotes from the bible with footnotes of chapter and verse. This film is produced in a way that makes it easier for the audience see the reverence to the Bible. There are also dialogues shown…

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