Resurrection of Jesus

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  • Gospel Of Luke And John Summary

    respectively by two of Jesus Christ’s followers. John was a fisherman, chosen by Jesus to become a part of his close circle of followers the disciples. Luke, on the other hand, was a physician by profession that did not know Jesus personally, but gained his insight from speaking with those that had firsthand knowledge of Jesus. They each present the accounts of Jesus’ life with their own individual perspective, thereby giving the reader a more complete understanding of who Jesus really was. THE…

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  • Difference Between Synoptic And John's Gospel

    characters, and a considerable amount of dialogue. They also capture Jesus as teaching generally through parables and short sequences of proclamation. John’s Gospel, however, is much more drawn out and inner-directed. John’s Gospel clarifies many doctrines through the story of Jesus. He directed his writings towards the persecuted Christians and their culture. The text is full of long dissertations, essentially from the mouth of Jesus. John’s Gospel consists of no characters. Alternatively,…

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  • Book Of Mormon Analysis

    His suffering and death for our sins, and of his resurrection. It is through those last three that mankind is able to become resurrected, immortal beings, and eventually return to Him and Father in Heaven. Two important chapters in the Book of Mormon that give information on the topics of Christ and resurrection are Alma chapters 11 and 40. This analysis of those chapters describes similarities and each’s emphasis on the doctrine of resurrection. Chapter 11 follows the story of Amulek and…

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  • Handel's Messiah Critique

    Approximately 700 people were in attendance. Part I of the Messiah focuses on the birth and life of Jesus. It begins with promises of the birth of the Christ that reference the book of Isaiah often. For example, one of my…

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  • The Crucified God Analysis

    assignment centered around Jurgen Moltmann who wrote The Crucified God and provide an extract of his work. This work discussed the suffering of God, both his ability to suffer as well as implications surrounding his suffering and the suffering of Jesus on the Cross. Moltmann argues “If God were really incapable of suffering, he would also be as incapable of loving as the God of Aristotle, who was loved by all, but could not love” (McGrath, 2011, pg. 190). He argues that by being capable of…

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  • David Migliore Resurrection

    In congruence with David Migliore, “the resurrection of Christ stands at the center of the NT witness” (Faith Seeking Understanding, 191). The faith of Christianity falls if there is no resurrection, Paul asserted this in 1 Corinthians 15. Tom Wright rightly notes that the Gospel narratives do not focus on the resurrection until the end, whether it be an empty tomb or an interaction with the risen Lord. Then, from the epistles onward, the resurrection is the focal point of Christian proclamation…

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  • Critical Rationalism In The Bible

    first source of evidence. Instead, they would start from a position of neutrality to validate or refute Christ’s resurrection through reasonable data. Perhaps, they would begin by investigating statements like everyone dies or Jesus was divine and could live again since these look at both sides of the issue. In turn, if they decided to pursue the Bible as justification for the resurrection, it would only be because they previously evaluated and justified it through neutral proof to be true.…

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  • The Bible: What Do You Believe?

    What do You Believe? Take a look at the people around you. People you see every day: the mailman, a banker, a fireman, and a stay-at-home mom – what do they all have in common? Take a closer look. Maybe the mailman has a broken down vehicle; the banker is running late to an important meeting, the mother’s child is extremely sick. All of these people are currently experiencing what are commonly called ‘bad days’, and they will no doubt experience them again; yet, they still carry on with their…

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  • The Importance Of Paul Practice Of Apologetics

    doctrine to them about Jesus and the resurrection. How does Paul practice apologetics in this scenario? Led by the Spirit, he uses a cultural connection and credits them for their religiousness. Among Epicurean and Stoic philosophers, Paul uses his intellectual heft to gain credibility which lays the foundation for him to share the gospel. Paul concludes his apologetic by talking to them about resurrection and uses it pave the way to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. This is…

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  • Christian Song Anastasis

    Hastings, Dean usher and Marty Sampson explore fundamental concepts about Jesus Christ. These concepts include who he is, his nature, work and role within Christianity. ‘O Praise The Name (Anastasis)’ is essentially a story telling song about Jesus’ human life, death and his resurrection. The song ‘O Praise The Name (Anastasis)’ places great emphasis on Jesus’ identity as the messiah and the saviour of mankind. The person Jesus Christ was praised as the salvation of mankind by using his life…

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