Resurrection of Jesus

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  • Angels And Heavenly Angels

    angels is one of God’s secrets; there’s a crowd of them. The term “guardian angel” does not appear in the Bible; however, there are some verses which teach that God, on occasions, has used angels to guard His children. (Psalms 34:7; Psalms 91:11) When Jesus talked about some little children, He referred to “Their angels” (Matt. 18:10). Now, it’s altogether possible that He was referring to a group of angels in heaven rather than each person having an angel assigned to them. However, the Bible…

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  • Movie Case For Christian Faith And Resurrection

    Do you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross and rose again on the third day after his death according to the scriptures? This mystery that occured in the early first century A.D. is the kindle of a flame that is Christianity today. Christianity, by atheists, is seen as a religion that is false and one where the followers are mindlessly following a God that isn't real. Some have even gone far enough attempt to find all the evidence in the world to disprove the resurrection and ultimately…

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  • John's First Miracle At The Wedding Of Cana

    emphasizes and gives evidence for Jesus being divine. The performance of Jesus’s first miracle at the Wedding of Cana shows initial proof…

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  • Jesus In The Old Testament Analysis

    As we have seen, for Paul, God the Father is He who has raised Jesus from the dead. Paul views the Abrahamic narrative in this light as if the narrative were written with that statement being true at the time that Abraham walked the earth. The God of Abraham is the God who would raise Jesus from the dead. Implied in that statement is that Jesus had to die. Knowing that Jesus is God the Son, that means that, from time immemorial, the Son is He who would be sent by the Father to suffer and die.…

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  • Parables In The Gospel Of John

    gospel that does not use parables as a way of telling us how Jesus taught and is the only account of several events, such as Jesus turning water into wine. The Gospel of John was written anonymously but many theologians believe that it was written by the apostle John sometime around 95 CE in Ephesus. The basic story is that of a testimonial of one of the Apostles and his version of how Jesus comes about. It begins by telling the birth of Jesus and then goes on to prove that he is the Son of God…

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  • Summary Of Frank Barron's 'Cool Hand Luke As Exemplar'

    metaphorical comparison between religion and movies to claim that Cool Hand Luke is “about the Passion and Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ” (102). He substantiates his claim with in-depth mise-en- scène analysis, which does make Barron’s argument convincing, but to a certain extent. Barron highlights how Lucas Jackson’s figure movement and expressions symbolize that of Jesus Christ. For example, when he says “Luke is [seen] repeatedly stretching his arms akimbo, spread-eagled so that his…

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  • Symbolism In The Book Of John

    As a foremost document declaring the deity of Jesus, the text decisively establishes that He is God. Contained in the book, there are clear declarations by Jesus where He uses the name of God for Himself. By using the Old Testament name of God, “I AM,” Jesus is speaking in a style that presents Himself as deity. One place where this testimony is undisputable is in the description of the Good Shepherd. In the tenth chapter of the Book of John, Jesus uses the analogy of a shepherd and…

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  • Old Testament Research Paper

    The Adaptation of Old Testament Titles by Disciples of Jesus: Evolution through New Eyes In a 2012 letter to my siblings, I informed them that I’d be hiking the 540 mile Camino de Santiago in the north of Spain because I needed to spend time talking to God. I’d lost my nineteen year old son and frankly, I needed some answers. If saints and mystics had heard His voice, then I most certainly deserved to. As I trudged up and down the French Pyrenees and through the eucalyptus forests on the…

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  • Balthasar's Explorations In Theology: Creator Spirit

    “consciousness that we are inwardly conformed by the Spirit of God to the image of the Son. “The testimony of the Spirit is an inward impression on the soul, whereby the Spirit of God directly witnesses to my spirit that I am a child of God, that Jesus Christ hath loved me, and given himself for me, that all my sins are blotted out, and I, even I am reconciled to God” (274). When our “spiritual senses are rightly disposed” we are able to intuit the difference between spiritual light and…

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  • Gospel Of Luke And John Summary

    respectively by two of Jesus Christ’s followers. John was a fisherman, chosen by Jesus to become a part of his close circle of followers the disciples. Luke, on the other hand, was a physician by profession that did not know Jesus personally, but gained his insight from speaking with those that had firsthand knowledge of Jesus. They each present the accounts of Jesus’ life with their own individual perspective, thereby giving the reader a more complete understanding of who Jesus really was. THE…

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