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  • Pestle Analysis For A Store

    What began as young adults is now practically ageless. “Design and fashion are no longer age-sensitive,” says Nakaoka. “They’re now lifestyle-sensitive. So, yes, the customer might be 21. But she also might be a 40-year-old woman who wants to dress, live and feel as if she’s 21.” Taking risks while remaining true to the brand is the perfect formula for being the best. To my believe my hypothesis has failed and Selection A takes the win with majority of young consumers selecting a store of ambience and inspiration with cool vibes and a store planogram of organized clothing by themes. The young consumers want inspiration when it comes to shopping and the overall experience of a shopping trip. The tradeoff of having Selection A Planogram is the customer will experience an impulse of purchasing an item…

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  • The Gendered Servicescape

    Introduction This assignment compares and contrasts two fashion retail stores in Wellington, one catered to males and one to females. It analyses the retail environment of each store and critically evaluates the stores’ current retail practices. It then provides recommendations for improvement. The second part of the assignment evaluates two window displays. The evaluation finds that one of the window displays needs improvement and a concept for a new window display is discussed. The new…

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  • Costco Consumer Behavior

    displayed in the center to grab customers’ attention and the other product according to their categories. Each category of scents has a tester sample in front of it. After, trying out some new scents, I usually get inclined to buying it. Costco is a wholesale retailer and it carries a variety of items. The store is clean with large aisles and there are different categories of products like electronics, furniture, clothing, foods etc. Promotional and new products are displayed at the end of…

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  • Services Quality Level Of The Banking Sector In Sri Lanka Case Study

    experience the same service as they expect then this difference will be zero and we can say that the service quality is very good. Higher the difference of above equation lower will be the service quality. (Anon., n.d.) Parasuraman, A. and V. Zeithaml (2006) define service quality as “the degree and direction of discrepancy between customers’ service perceptions and expectations”. The premises are based on Lapierre’s (1996) observations are service quality research is critically dependent on the…

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  • Commonwealth Bank Of Australia Case Study

    1. BACKGROUND Commonwealth bank of Australia was founded back in 1911 by the commonwealth bank act that was in favour of bank nationalization. The bank started its first branch in 1912 in Melbourne and later joint hands with the state savings bank in Tasmania and a year later it was able to spread its branches in six different states. After 1920 the bank gradually expanded its role in central banking and along with time continued expanding and earning a good reputation in the market (Australia,…

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  • Al Rajhi Bank Case Study

    Profile of Al Rajhi Bank Al Rajhi Bank is a Saudi Arabian bank and the world largest Islamic bank by capital based on data in 2015. Al Rajhi established in 1957 and called as a major investor in Saudi Arabian business and is one of the largest that joint stock companies in the Kingdom. The first branches Al Rajhi Bank opened in Al Shmaisi in Riyadh in 1979. Now Al Rajhi Bank has over 600 branches and has 9600 number of employee. Its head office located in Riyadh with six regional offices.…

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  • Lebanese Canadian Bank Case Study

    Introduction: Lebanese Canadian Bank operated from 1968 through 1988 as a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada Middle East. Lebanese is now one of the top ten banks in Lebanon and is a parent bank to Prime Bank (Gambia) Ltd. And currently has around 35 branches in Lebanon with around 600 or more permanent employees. Mr. Georges E. Zard Abou Jaoude and Mr. Mohammad I. Hamdoun are the Chairman General Managers and members of the board of the company. The bank has been developing in present day…

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  • Maa Group Berhad Case Study

    As a financial and insurance service group, MAA Group Berhad (MAAG) is a wholly owned Malaysia invested holding company operating in the Financial Services Sector and is listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia. MAA Group has been long time in industry player with its first appearance in 1968 through Malaysian American Assurance Company Berhad (MAAB), which was incorporated as a public listed company principally engaged in the General and life insurance businesses. MAA Group was founded in…

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  • Burj Bank Case Study

    regarding transfer funds, account details and also other information regarding the nearest ATM’S. Another facility provided is the information that can be downloaded on the google play store and the app store. It is a very good technology introduced in Pakistan and is expected to bring about a revolutionary in the Pakistani banking system. In addition it is very convenient and the customer can easily access his/her bank accounts. Insignia: Insignia relates to giving importance and priority to…

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  • Case Study Of The Commonwealth Bank Of Australia

    1. The Commonwealth Bank of Australia is a universally known firm forming businesses with countries all around the world, including The United States of America, The United Kingdom, and Asia. This company provides financial services including retail banking, premium banking, business banking, institutional banking, funds management, superannuation, insurance, investment and share-broking products and services. A corporate social responsibility activity carried out by the…

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