Lebanese Canadian Bank Case Study

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Introduction: Lebanese Canadian Bank operated from 1968 through 1988 as a subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada Middle East. Lebanese is now one of the top ten banks in Lebanon and is a parent bank to Prime Bank (Gambia) Ltd. And currently has around 35 branches in Lebanon with around 600 or more permanent employees.
Mr. Georges E. Zard Abou Jaoude and Mr. Mohammad I. Hamdoun are the Chairman General Managers and members of the board of the company. The bank has been developing in present day and expanding its business outside Lebanon. The General Manager of the bank Mr. Hamdoun believes that efficiency in whatever work they do is the best way of achieving success in the business. Customer satisfaction is another prospective that is taken
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Hamdoun basically focuses on efficiency. For him, efficiency is one of the key factor for growth. As the business is service based so they can show their efficiency by focusing more upon the customers and providing satisfactory services. As it is mentioned above that the work should be studied and all the possible and most effective ways of doing the task should be determined, like here it would be identifying customers unsaid needs and offering services according to it, each individual can be trained differently according to different job requirements, and identifying everyone’s capabilities and allotting appropriate jobs according to their competencies. So here in the bank achieving effectiveness and efficiency would be knowing each of the customers personally, identifying their needs, problems they face and coming out with a solution for it. Mr. Hamdoun should himself be involved with the staff and all the employees, so as to monitor them as well as helping them. This keeps him closer to the customers and he will have a track of the customers as well. Not the whole pressure of work should be on the lower level employees, the management should get involved with the employees to motivate them, and keep themselves updated about the business. Training and orientation sure increases the efficiency and helps the worker, but specific training programmes that focuses on identifying and enhancing their skills, thus improving their productivity. As the employees are educated, well qualified and specialised in their particular fields, these kind of trainings just make them more efficient. So, scientific management surely helps the bank to grow more and employees to grow with the organisation as well. This is what every developed or developing organisation demands

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