The Importance And Value Of Operations Management In Achieving Business Objectives Case Study

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P5 :The importance and value of operations management in achieving business objectives.

Operation management is the administration of business practices that involve to developing the utmost level of efficiency possible within an organization. The main purpose of operations management is to converting/processing labours and materials into goods and services as efficiently as possible and maximize the profits of an organization (, 2018).

Importance and value of operations management
There are two main reasons, behind management operations importance within an organization. First of all, it can improve an organization financial health, by improving productivity and secondly maximize customer value, in order to fulfil the objective
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Leaders and managers can improve efficiencies of operational management to successfully meet business objective by encouraging employees to work productively. This also empowers the team as it produces virtual private networks. The networks are secured and allows employees to access it anytime. This boosts employee outcome and meets the demand of the customers.
Another way is that it improves collaboration so that it increases efficiencies and helps to improve the teamwork as it creates bonds in understanding the employees. This results in employees working freely by helping each other. This also benefits in communication process as it speeds up the production process due to the understanding of employees about the work.
Another way is communicating properly with customers. This technique helps managers to know the needs and expectations of specific product and design of it. On the other hand, control and distribution system helps to control all the activities and increase profit in return. This increases role and helps to improve the efficiency of operational management so that it successfully meets the
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While controlling and operating manufacturing process, in order to get efficient results, operation management is the control and distribution system.
Some of the positive impacts are that products are reviewed effectively and efficiently as it smooths the business operations. However, this is a time-consuming process and it is not effective for distribution process (, 2018).
Transformation of raw materials is when raw materials are converted into goods and opens converting process for production. The positive impact of this is that it is a quick process as it transforms the goods production effectively. However, the results are not always effective (, 2018).
Process design is when the design is ready for physical and chemical distribution to receive effective results. The positive impact is that it uses the right channel of distribution, but it decreases the ability of the organization (,

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