Exaltation Of Christ Summary Chapter 2

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Chapter II
The Exaltation of Christ

There are four stages of the state of exaltation.
1. Resurrection
a. The nature of the resurrection
The resurrection of Christ's body and his soul is really real. His body was raised from the dead. Jesus did not rise as a spirit only but as a whole person, body, and soul (Bloesch, 2004). Unlike the other human, His body and soul rose completely. This shows that Christ defeated death. The resurrection of Jesus in his human nature indicates a perfection that is getting raised to a higher degree (Berkhof, 2015). Humans will gather in the same state as Jesus was. There will be a change in the believer where there is a psychological change in addition to the physical changes because believers also get an experience
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As a result, God’s wrath upon us. Jesus came into the world to suffer and die so that the wrath of God upon the destruction that occurs in the earth due. For this catastrophic situation, it only can change or redeemed by God. To fulfill that, every people have to be reconciled with God. So, God the Father appointed and sent His Son to be the mediator. Jesus takes upon Himself a human nature and willingly submitted Himself to the demands of God’s law (Sproul, 1992). Christ who is appointed by the Father comes to bring about the end of the history of humankind and the world. The work completed on earth is one of the great work that has taken on himself. And the time he spent here is only a small part of the centuries over which he is appointed as Lord and King (Bavinck, 2008). Jesus was anointed by the Father from eternity, and he became involved in his prophetic, priestly and royal existing before. And one day, at the end of the times, he will complete it. Thus, the return of Christ to judgment is not a thing that can be isolated from a previous job. This is an important and indispensable component. And this is the last and highest step in his state of exaltation. Because Christ is the savior of the world, he will someday return as its Judge. The judgment that he precipitated by his first coming he consummates at his second coming (Bavinck, 2008). The second coming of Jesus Christ will be for the purpose of judging the world and perfecting the salvation of His people. Men and angels, the living and the dead, will appear before Him to be judged according to the record which was kept of them. The Son is not only the mediator of reconciliation for sin but also a mediator between God and His creation. The Son is the heir of all things. All gathered under the Son, and all the creatures back to the Father, the source of everything. The second coming is necessary to fulfill the Old Testament in which Jesus will

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