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  • The Holy Bible: The Resurrection Of Jesus

    The Resurrection The mythology of resurrection can be intriguing. Humans, for centuries, have tried to find hope and security in powers out of our control. The idea of pleasing and gaining relations with the mysterious powers that control the world around us has evolved over generations due to it being a natural instinct that we find the meaning to life. Despite the fact that many of these religious stories are similar, most were created at different times. Many of us emerge a belief in a life after death, thus creating the idea of a resurrection. When many of us think of religion, we immediately think of the story of Jesus, son of God. How many of us think about other religious figures, such as Osiris? Resurrection is one of the few things…

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  • Essay On Bodily Resurrection

    IV. The Call for the Reconsideration of the Historicity of the Bodily Nature of Jesus’s Resurrection and Its Eschatological Implications Thus, I now turn to the matter of the historical credibility of Jesus’ “bodily resurrection” and its eschatological implications. Unlike Peacocke and Keller’s view of the bodily resurrection of Jesus, it is “credible” or “well-motivated belief” that the resurrection of Jesus was a “bodily” event that happened to Jesus based on the two traditions of many…

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  • The Importance Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

    The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is considered by most Christians to be the central tenet of the Christian doctrine. The events that occurred after his crucifixion and subsequent interment in the tomb have raised numerous questions and have been the subject of debate among believers and non-believers for centuries. The Gospels of the New Testament, written in first and second centuries, are the primary source for understanding the events surrounding the resurrection of Christ. It is the limited…

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  • Paul's Concept Of Resurrection Essay

    with trying to answer these same questions for his new congregations. This essay will highlight some key tensions within Paul’s concept of resurrection and provide evidence for the argument that his idea evolved to address the specific needs of each community, he was communicating with. The first section of this essay provide background information on the origin of Pauline resurrection as well as outline tensions within Paul explanation of the Parousia. The second part of this essay will focus…

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  • Pannenberg Jesus's Resurrection Summary

    incarnation and the power of Jesus’s resurrection and the relationship of Jesus and God and man. Wolfhart Pannenberg here looks and analyses the contrasting theories between the Alexandrian fusion of Jesus with God and Antiochene separation between Jesus and God. He demonstrate that neither side was able to express and justify the unity or duality of Christ. Theological ideas at stake Pannenberg says “The teaching about Jesus Christ lies at the heart of every Christian theology”[ Wolfheart…

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  • Personal Narrative: Resurrection Life

    Resurrection Life Easter was my father’s most favourite time of year, and it became increasingly so as he grew older. His spirit identified with nature as it came to life again after the desolation and cold of a long Manitoba winter. Each new flower species, from crocus to daisy, heralds new life after death. Unless a seed dies, God cannot give it a new body. When I was doing my first term of Clinical Pastoral Education at University Hospital in Saskatoon, SK, a World War Veteran was assigned…

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  • Short Story Of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

    One of the most Puzzling questions for centuries among Biblical scholars, laypeople and people of all professions is the question of what happened to Jesus Christ. W ho is Jesus Christ and where is Jesus if his body is not in the tomb? The truth lies within the Christian faith, which is that Jesus is the Son of God and was resurrected. There are many who do not believe in the resurrection because there were no eye witnesses who saw what happened to Jesus Christ. Perhaps the most puzzling part of…

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  • How Does Jesus Reflection

    As a Person of God and a member of the Body of Christ through baptism, God calls me to serve others as He served during the incarnation. God calls us to take part in Jesus ' life, death, and resurrection, or the Paschal Mystery, so we can share in Him and experience His life on earth. In addition, as a member of the Church, I am called to demonstrate in all that I do the Marks of the Church: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. Through my service at Field Elementary, I was not only able to…

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  • Linda Badham's Theory Of Cloning

    It would seem unimaginable that in time God would resurrect all persons who have passed to their original bodily form. That those who were cremated and their ashes spread in the ocean or on earth would be restored by God’s will. Like most people, I’ve experienced loss of a loved one, my mother who was cremated and her ashes spread in Rocky Mountain National Park, her request while living. Linda Badham’s realistic approach of resurrection and the problems associated with life after death…

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  • Corinthians 15: 29-24

    Paul wrote what he did. He had received word that the church of Corinth did not believe in the bodily resurrection of the dead at the return of Jesus. The question at hand is whether or not those who place their faith in Christ will be resurrected at Christ's return. This is is evident earlier in verse 12 when Paul asked “how can some of you say that there is no resurrection of the dead?” Paul uses the arguments given in verses 29-32 as grounds for verses 33 and 34. In verse 29 Paul begins with…

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