How Does Jesus Reflection

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As a Person of God and a member of the Body of Christ through baptism, God calls me to serve others as He served during the incarnation. God calls us to take part in Jesus ' life, death, and resurrection, or the Paschal Mystery, so we can share in Him and experience His life on earth. In addition, as a member of the Church, I am called to demonstrate in all that I do the Marks of the Church: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. Through my service at Field Elementary, I was not only able to reflect Jesus ' life, death, and resurrection in the Kingdom that is "now," display the Mark "one" of the Church, and make a significant positive difference for the children that I served, but also gain a deeper understanding of my desire to serve others. …show more content…
I attempted to spread aid to the entire school instead of just returning to the teacher I knew best. At the after school program, I either helped the older or younger kids with their homework. Some were honestly confused about the assignment or specific questions, but others needed someone to just sit with them and keep them on task. I always tried my hardest to make sure the children understood the homework and completed as much as possible during school so they could have more time at home to spend with their families. The after school program is designed to allow students to do homework before going home, a resource of what many students do not comprehend the immeasurable value and, in turn, do not take full advantage. As a student who can truly see the potential for this work time, I strive to encourage the students to complete as much homework as they can by being approachable, often asking if anyone needed help, as well as assisting them in any way that I could, whether it be reading the directions or explaining how to do long

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