The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ Analysis

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“Of the Churl who won Paradise” is a story that can be related to “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ”. The Resurrection of Jesus is Christian belief that after he died he rose again from the dead to wash our sins away. Most of the time, we question ourselves, If I die today, will I got to Heaven or Hell? That answer remains unknown because we do not necessarily know. People does not understand that we are on this earth for a main reason. That reason is to live up to God Ten Commandments. In the bible, it was mentioned in Romans chapter five versus eight that, “ But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”. Although God loves us, we tend to be impatient, impractical and imperfect. The story had many interesting points given to us. As I was reading the story I realized that Cruel died on a Friday. When he died, neither an angel nor a devil angel came his way. He was in between because nobody wanted him. It is mention in the story that “for you were …show more content…
This is not our home. We are visiting the Earth just so we can prepare ourselves for our real real home, “Heaven”. We are told that Heaven and Hell are real and nobody wants to go to Hell. So therefore we have to live by His words and and His commandments. We are aware that Heaven is the reward we receive if we follow the commandments and live by his words. Heaven is the vertex of achievement. It is a place to love each other eternally. In Hell, we can not learn anything important because it is for sinners. Accepting Jesus Christ as my personal savior has helped me in many ways. An abundance of people does not understand what that means. Let's break it down. Jesus Christ, many people refer to Him as the good Man, a great Professor and a Prophet of God. All these things are accurate about Him. However, that does not really define who He really is. It is said in the bible that Jesus Christ is God

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