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  • Swot Analysis Of Quiznos

    Brand : Quiznos, a franchised fast-food restaurant brand based in Denver, Colorado, which specializes in preparing toasted submarine sandwiches. The restaurant chain was founded in 1981 by Jimmy Lambatos and grew to nearly 5,000 restaurants. As of the end of 2013, the chain had about 1,500 domestic locations and about 600 international locations. Quiznos is the second-largest submarine sandwich shop chain in North America, after Subway. Quiznos is now at the verge of closing down, as it has gone down from 5,000 stores at their peak to around 2,100, with hundreds of more locations close to shuttering. According to the Wall Street Journal, the top-performing franchisees are making more than one-third less than the average Quiznos did…

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  • Appendix A For Subway Essay

    1. Description of SUBWAY SUBWAY is a fast food chain own by Doctor’s Associates INC. Subway primarily sells submarine sandwiches and salads. It is currently the fast food chain with the most amount of stores in the world with 42,999 outlets spreading over 108 countries (SUBWAY , 2014). Refer to appendix A for Subway’s history timeline. (chart 1) (SUBWAY, 2014). 2. Strategic Focus and Plan of SUBWAY 2.1. SUBWAY’s Mission "Delight every customer so they want to tell their friends – with great…

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  • Business Analysis: Subway Sandwich

    1.0 Introduction Subway is a fast food restaurant that focused on providing well made, high quality sandwiches and fantastic customer service to their customers all over the world. Subway is an American restaurant started and set out during the year 1965 by Fred DeLuca one of the founder and owner of subway (Subwaystory, 2013).The first subway store was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut in august 1965. Currently, subway is considered as one of the fastest growing franchise in the world.…

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  • Case Study: Quiznos Entrepreneurs

    Our project is based on starting a Quiznos franchise near our University. After speaking with an owner of a Sugarland based Quiznos, he gave us some guidance as to starting a Quiznos franchise in the Downtown area near our University. We believed this would be a great idea as many students like ourselves feel that our options are very limited as far as grabbing something quick and healthy to eat before or after class that is next to school. All locations of Quiznos are lucrative, but a Downtown…

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  • Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Analysis

    up with the frog commercial for the super bowl ad, and it almost wasn’t approved. He was so confident that his super bowl commercial would be a success that he put his job on the line. The outcome was incredible, Budweiser quickly became America’s #1 beer. To illustrate how advertising affects consumers, I challenged one of my classmates, Bernardo, who claims that he only watches the super bowl for the game, to say that he has never watched a super bowl ad and remembered it. Then, as I was…

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  • 'Company Town: Seduced By A Juicy Burger'

    and Quiznos in the guilty line-up is Burger King. The commercial that Neil refers to has children’s cartoon character Spongebob’s Kids’ Meal being “oddly sexualized” (paragraph thirteen). This is an accurate description of the commercial in which “involves the King riffing to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s ‘Baby Got Back’ while a bunch of orthogonally rumped hotties dance around” (paragraph thirteen). The truly disturbing aspect of the ad, is that it’s key demographic is targeted towards children.…

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  • Marketing's Strategies Of Social Media Advertising By Coca-Cola

    will get a second bonus "happy hour" from 5-6 p.m. For that reason, I believe this advertisement has had, and will generate a lot of business as well! These are two advertisements that I believe wasted their time and money. • Quiznos- Quiznos somehow managed the steepest decline of any major fast-food company, getting sued by other franchises, and barely avoiding bankruptcy. One of the reasons is because of bad marketing. For example, Quiznos an ad campaign featured outrageous mutilated,…

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  • Brecth Theatre Essay

    over at the Viking Bookstore. We all knew the candidates disliked each other, but I don’t think anyone predicted how bad this could get. Let’s see if they can finally get to the issues at hand. One of the most known Brechtian techniques is the fourth wall. The "Fourth wall" is what keeps the audience from interacting in the play. However, when Brecht started to write his plays he decided is was time to knock down that wall. He made it acceptable for actors to respond to the audience in any…

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  • How To Write A Fast Food Industry Analysis Essay

    Eating is a daily need for everyone. Food gives your energy, strength and the ability to function throughout your busy day. As a college student, I am always on the move. Cooking healthy recipes and eating at steady meal times are something is not usually reality for me in the day to day. I am not alone and many campuses know this. Most college campuses provide small convent stores, cafés, coffee shops, food courts. At the University of Central Oklahoma, the campus is surrounded by food. There…

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  • Advertising Strategies Of Mcdonalds And KFC

    producers. KFC began to expand outside of Bangalore in 2004, with a localized menu that was the most extensive meat-free menu across the chain's worldwide operations. It introduced a vegetarian menu that included rice meals, wraps and side dishes and, like McDonald's, served eggless mayonnaise and sauces. In December 2013, there were 361 KFC outlets in India. As well as the standard KFC offerings, the chain sells a chickpea burger, a paneer burger, hot wings with chilly lemon sprinkles and other…

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