Business Analysis: Subway Sandwich

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1.0 Introduction

Subway is a fast food restaurant that focused on providing well made, high quality sandwiches and fantastic customer service to their customers all over the world. Subway is an American restaurant started and set out during the year 1965 by Fred DeLuca one of the founder and owner of subway (Subwaystory, 2013).The first subway store was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut in august 1965. Currently, subway is considered as one of the fastest growing franchise in the world. Now, subway has a total of 32,774 outlets in 91 countries. Subway was able to achieve these magnificent result due to their low start up cost and eco friendly buildings to maximize usage and reduce other costs. Subway also provide training and development
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Orientation program is a program which can help the employees to understand the background of the company and company structure. Orientation program also can let employee understand what is the organization wanted to achieve, it also can bring confident to employees so that they can do work with more efficient and effectiveness (Subway, 2016).

As we all know that, Subway is a fast food restaurant which is around the world. In fact, Subway has open their brand around the world which are most almost 44,000 places. Subway provide the healthy sandwiches for their customer. Their sandwiches is easy to make and customer can fulfil customer stomach. Besides, customers can get their sandwiches in a very short time. At the beginning, the owner of Subway was making a clear vision for his restaurant. After setting a clear vision for the restaurant, his restaurant are growth continuously (ukessays,
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To understand deeper, some peoples say that’s orientation is important but some peoples say that’s orientation is no important. So, for my own opinion, I will like to say it is more important. First, an employee orientation program is a means of introducing a new hire to the organization and providing employees with an overview of how it operated. Simply put, to get more information of organization and the operation (Subway, 2016).
Next, the orientation program will make employees first impression on the organization. Therefore, employees will gain an understanding expected of the organization. Each organization has their own rules so employee must know what is acceptable what is not acceptable. Orientation program also helps the employee to understand the benefits when contribution the company (Miranda Bookins, 2016)
Lastly, the orientation program can engage the new hires. That means they were help the new front line staff to get more confidence and them will feel like they’re productive part of the organization. In addition, the new staff will easily to adapt the environment to contribute the company. In the end, I emphasize again that the orientation program is good for the new front line staff to introducing personality and understand the benefit (Chris

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