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  • Trask's Descriptive Essay: The Sport Of Football

    for a gain of 22 to move the chains. We saw a few good throws out of Trask throughout the night, as he finished 4-7 for 63 yards, like Appleby he could not find the end zone but delivered some decent drives. Expect Trask to be the third string quarterback this fall. The most anticipated positition Gator nation has looked forward to the most is the kicking position. In recent years, the Florida Gators have statistically been one of the worst field goal making teams in the country. Jim McElwain…

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  • Tim Tebow Role Model

    perfect. We all make mistakes and he did also, but he never strayed off from God. In 2006 Tim Tebow received a scholarship to University of Florida to play football. His freshman year he played as the backup. The next year he became the starting quarterback and won, among other honors, the Heisman Trophy and the Davey O'Brien Award. He later set many records, including the Gators' single-game QB rushing yards and records for SEC season rushing touchdowns , career high single-game rushing…

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  • Michael Vick Short Biography

    When you hear the word Michael Vick a lot of controversy comes up because everyone knows him as the man who was arrested for illegal dog fighting. But there is a whole lot more to him then what some people think. Like did you know he played in the NFL? Ok yes you probably did but what else do can you tell me about him? See it is harder than you thought. Before his legal troubles he was a very successful and promising athlete. Even after his time in prison he still found success in the NFL. This…

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  • Process Essay On Football

    The offensive line has to keep the quarterback and the running back safe sometimes the running back blocks for the quarterback so he can pass the ball to the wide receivers or the tight end. The tight end is kind of a special position they block and go out for passes. The defensive line helps open up holes for the linebackers to get…

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  • Damir Smith Biography

    Do you ever watch football? Damir Smith did, a lot. This is a story about Damir Smith becoming one of the best NFL Quarterbacks of all time. Damir was dedicated his whole life, performed well in school even though it was challenging sometimes , and never gave up on his dream of becoming a football player. His long journey started at a very young age, but always had a very big hart. He was born September 7th , 2001 born to Jasmine and Michael Smith. His whole football career believe it or not…

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  • The Roles Of Football Teams

    All football teams consist of offense, defense and special teams, and all three positions have specific duties they have to do within a game. The top three positions on defense, also the most important, are cornerback, linebacker, and defensive line. On the defensive side, cornerback tends to be the most popular and important player, both in college and NFL levels. The cornerback has many responsibilities, one of which is guarding the player who is sent out to catch the ball that is thrown to…

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  • How Friends Became Rivals Short Story

    rivals. When Jerrel and Alvin were in highschool they didn’t meet each other until they both tried out for quarterback for the football team. Jerrel had a rich dad and went to a lot of QB camps so he was one the best quarterbacks in the nation. Alvin on the other hand was poor, the only food he could get was the food at school and he didn’t know what he was doing when he was trying out for quarterback. Alvin wasn’t a big dude. He’s 5’10” and 200 pounds and he couldn’t throw for crap, but he was…

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  • Derrick Thomas: College Football Hall Of Fame

    time that Thomas would do something so unbelievable. 8 seasons later Thomas sacked the Oakland Raiders quarterback 6 times in one game. This is a remarkable record and is still yet to be beat after 25…

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  • Varsity Football Team: A Short Story

    signaling the end of practice. His high school Varsity football team trotted passed the imposing six-five muscular frame Coach as they headed towards the Locker Room. However, there was one exception his star quarterback: Tony Cazzo. Tony Cazzo snuck up behind Coach Sullivan, where the quarterback gave his Herculean Coach a prankish smack on his firm protrusive butt. The astonished Coach looked back towards Cazzo, who was walking backwards. Coach Drew felt he was under scrutiny by Cazzo, who…

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  • Character Analysis: Peyton Manning

    noise to behold. We challenge any NFL quarterback of the present or future to make a call like it. Louisiana anyone? Number 9 – Peyton Manning Toughness Coming back from four neck surgeries and being released by the only team you know, come back and play for another team, lose your starting job midway through the season with a severe foot injury and keep fighting back knowing your turn as a backup. Of course, Manning won another Super Bowl. No quarterback ever had two severe injuries only…

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