Dallas Cowboys

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  • Dallas Cowboys Research Paper

    The National Football League has been marked by the events in the La'el Collins Dallas Cowboys history since this football club is probably one of the most successful in the American sports life. With a 40-year existence, the Cowboys boast with five victories in the Super Bowls, eighteen victories in the division championship and lots of other successes. The Cowboys have always been disputed, discussed, admired or criticized by their supporters or detractors. With every match they play, the Cowboys add a new file or chapter to their story whether good or bad. Not everybody loves the Cowboys, but fortunately, there are very many people who do. Often known as America's Team, the Cowboys have achieved quite a lot to deserve the name. The beginnings…

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  • Dallas Cowboys Team Touchdown

    Touchdown. Touchdown is what the sports commentator said. Touchdown is why the fans started cheering. Touchdown is why we were here. Touchdown was all I heard when I went to the Dallas Cowboys’ game with my dad. I was thrilled when I got tickets to go to the Cowboys’ game with my dad. They were my favorite team, and I was there biggest fan. My room looked liked the Dallas Cowboys. My clothes were mainly Cowboys’ apparel. All the silver and blue would blind my friends who were Saint’s fans.…

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  • Case Study Dallas Cowboys

    6 Reasons why the Dallas Cowboys will repeat as NFC EAST champions 1. ONE MONSTROUS OFFENSIVE LINE How could this not be the first thing on this list. The Cowboys offensive line. Is scary, its young, its big and it is chalked full of talent. They were the best in the league in 2014 and somehow they still managed to improve this off season. Dallas scored big time with the addition of La 'el Collins. The Cowboys managed to sign him a week after he went un-drafted in the NFL draft. The Cowboys…

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  • The Dallas Cowboy Short Story

    My personal narrative Once there was a little girl that and her name was Layza that lives in India Hills she was telling her friend Andrew that the Dallas Cowboys are going to lose against the New York Giants, and they made a bet if the Dallas Cowboys win they would have to go to a old house that nobody lives there no more all night and if the New York Giants lose they need to go to the same old house. Layza lost the bet the score was 3-19 and Layza was told that the place was build in October…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Dream Day With Dez Bryant

    Dream Day With Dez “You want to be the best there ever is. Get out there and earn it.”(Dez Bryant) If I could spend a day with any famous person I would chose Dez Bryant. Dez is an American football wide receiver who plays for the Dallas Cowboys. He’s 6’2, dark skinned, brown eyes, and brown hair. He has lived in Texas for most his life. He had a troubled childhood bouncing from foster home to foster home. Dez has been playing football since he was in highschool. I would want to meet Dez…

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  • Terry Bradshaw Research Paper

    Terry Bradshaw leads the steelers to three other super bowls championships, in the year after his rookie year, 1975 against the Minnesota Viking, in 1978 against the Dallas Cowboys , and even in the year after in 1979 against the Dallas Cowboys again. bradshaw did amazing things in the years the steelers won their super bowls, Terry had a talent that was quite useful for the Steelers offense that usually insured they win, Bradshaw always would clutch on the fourth down and most of the time he is…

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  • Social Media Employment Uses

    getting in contact, and vetting them pre-interview. (Davidson, 2014) This means that applicants are being scrutinized beyond their resume and references. Applicants that post questionable things could be passed over for a job. Language, jokes, provocative pictures, posting about drugs, alcohol, politics, religion could be seen as inappropriate or offensive by a prospective employer. For example, on an episode of “The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – Making the Team” They raided Facebook pages…

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  • Monday Night Football Popularity

    Super Bowl 50 had the third largest audience of any television broadcast in the history of television, with only Super Bowl 49 and Super Bowl 48 having larger audiences. But how did the NFL grow to become this popular? There appear to be many factors in the constant growth of the popularity, power and profits of the NFL since the 1970s. Some of these factors include Monday Night Football, new technologies providing new ways to draw fans and the NFL’s monopoly on professional football. The…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On Triumph And Tragedy

    Triumph and Tragedy Six seconds. Six seconds on a bright, sunny day in Dallas inflamed me with guilt. Six seconds and three shots shattered my family on the Kennedy detail. Those six seconds in Dallas happened because I failed to protect him. I allowed an assassin to put a bullet through the head of the most powerful man on the planet. The sounds of millions gasping at the sight of a dead president will forever be etched into my mind. November 22, 1963 is a day I will never forget. The 1960…

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  • Case Study: The Future Of Southwest Airlines

    The future of Southwest Airlines will continue on its voyage of innovation, growth and adaptability. Growing the company into the future means, “Leadership must determine clear goals while balancing the need for a formal structure against growth and adaptation” (Steagall, 2016). The original problem the leaders of Southwest saw was, airline travel was slow, expensive and full of features that most people did not really want or care about. Guess what, that problem still rings true today and…

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