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  • Analysis Of Football By Louis Jenkins

    effort. While the poem is about football and difficult choices, it disguises as the internal battles of the speaker as well. A notable take is how Jenkins guides the readers’ attention to the speaker and his confusing decisions he presents as a quarterback. Jenkins has the readers unknowingly focus in on the speaker himself and these odd comparisons and disconnecting ideas within his words. While his readers clearly identify football and the idea of being under pressure in a quarterback’s…

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  • Differences In Football

    football are scored by the offense. The goal of the offense is to score a touchdown, or get as close to the goal line as possible to score a field goal. One of the most important positions in the offense is that of the quarterback. Several important traits of the quarterback—throwing, reading the defense, and accuracy—take skill to master. Most people are more interested in the game when their favorite team is on offense. The more the offense scores, the more the team is likely to win.…

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  • Football Narrative

    would be a player of the year candidate not only for FCS but all of football.” My success did not go unnoticed. An ESPN insider said, “I love the way he moves around, at 6’5 230 pounds, with a NFL arm and great mobility I think Tyrone Jamal is a quarterback out of BYU that will go high in the draft.” BYU had every NFL team at their practices in August…

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  • High School Football Team Analysis

    Have you ever been part of a community that was as close as a family? My high school varsity football team was my second family for three years and even longer because I had grown up with most of these guys. Throughout my high school career, they were there for me through hardships and struggles that came with being a student-athlete. My team was a normal group of guys who cared about each other and supported one another, but as high school football players, there are misconceptions that many…

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  • Colin Kaepernick's Protest Against Racism

    Flat Thumbs Blog “San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sitting down during the National Anthem.” Why America is becoming the Fourth Reich “You will be pleased to know I stand obediently for the national anthem, though of course I would defend your right to remain seated should you so decide.” - Ira Glasser We live in a country where you have the freedom to say whatever is on your mind. No matter how ignorant, smart, or flat out stupid it is. Everybody who is a citizen of this…

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  • Through My Eyes Book Report

    His first year at Florida, he was only a backup quarterback. He continued to work hard and became the starting quarterback for the Gators the next year and won many awards including the coveted Heisman Trophy. He lost some big games and took a lot of ridicule, but he beat the University of Alabama when it counted and won championships…

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  • The Importance Of Daunting In Professional Sports

    played a good couple games and then had an injury. Many people including myself thought the playoff dreams were over. But, along came the backup quarterback, Brock Osweiler. I didn’t think much of him. Boy did he prove me wrong. Brock’s first game was against none other than the New England Patriots themselves. Daunting. Daunting should be and backup quarterbacks feelings when it’s your very first game and you’re going against not only your rival, but the previous Super Bowl champions. I was…

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  • Lisfranc Injury Essay

    the football season. Let us take the case of Ben Roethlisberger for example. Being the Steelers' star quarterback, he should be formidable, right? However, that is not the case as Roethlisberger suffered a major injury last year known as the Lisfranc injury. Fortunately enough, as there are different degrees of Lisfranc injuries, he only suffered the less severe form, and since he is a quarterback, it would be easy for him to proceed with the healing process. What is a Lisfranc injury? The…

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  • Essay On Discrimination In Sports

    Blackistone talks about Zach Mettenberger, the current quarterback for the Tennessee Titans, was dismissed from his university in the college for pleading guilty to two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery. According to Blackistone, “Mettenberger was ordered to pay a $2,000 fine and perform community service. Later…

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  • The Struggle In QB1 By Mike Lupica

    that comes out of bad things. Such as failing a test and getting a good grade on the next one or climbing up a steep hill to see the view of the lake. In QB1 by Mike Lupica a major topic is that there is good after bad things. Jake and the other quarterback Casey hit the struggles. head on. But after they hit those struggles there was something at the top that both of them enjoyed. Jake and Casey go through fights and arguments in their rocky relationship, but Lupica shows the readers constantly…

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