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  • DART-Light Rail In Dallas Case Study

    rail transport system, yet today its DART light rail system is the largest in the United States at a total system length of 85 miles. Troubled by a rocky start, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit authority was faced with the stubborn reluctance of voters to spend any taxpayer money on public transportation infrastructure. However, once the wheels of development started in motion, there was no chance of them stopping. Over the course of 30 years, Dallas went from having the bare minimum of public…

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  • 2013 Subaru Impreza Advertisement Analysis

    in front of a train station with the following sentence underneath the cars, “Unlike public transit, it has a media hub, top safety ratings, and room to actually exhale.” Located at the bottom one-third of the full page ad are statements from Subaru about the vehicle. All of the statements are in a white font with a blue background. The statement at the top of this section reads, “While you’re sitting on public transit, just imagine your commute in a new Subaru Impreza. No weird smells, no…

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  • Optimization Of Public Transportation Case Study

    Optimization of Public Transport Demand: A Case Study of Bhopal [1]. This observe deals with locating out the different troubles in optimization of public delivery call for and it also provide us with extraordinary answers to the problems. So the major reasons for now not the use of public delivery came out to be low accessibility, less comfort & greater journey and ready time in comparison to the private delivery modes. The evaluation of opinion survey additionally showed that almost 50% of…

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  • Jeepney Case Study

    In the Philippines, Jeepney, commonly referred as jeep, is the most common form of public transportation. Due to its low cost, Filipino masses are into riding one, be it students going to school, professionals on their way to work or just a trip from home to malls. With this, the experience of riding one does not always go smoothly. It is often crowded that sometimes, passengers tend to fight over the space left. This is also where its name originated: Jeep and knee, where the passengers seat so…

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  • Urban Rail System Essay

    3.3 Straddle UMS: Basic Characteristics of Urban Rail System Good decisions about transportation investments and policies require accurate information on characteristics of Urban Rail system alternatives, including the following: • Spacing between Stations • Speed • Capacity and Body Outline • Degree of Separation from Road Traffic • Operating System • Rolling Stock • Maximum Curvature 3.3.1 Spacing between Stations Urban rail has a very close station spacing (about 50-500 m apart). It is…

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  • Folding Bicycle Essay

    CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION A folding bicycle is a bicycle designed to fold into a compact form, facilitating transport and easily park. When folded, the bicycle can be more easily carried into buildings and workplaces or on public transportation and more easily parked in compact living quarters or aboard a car, boat or plane. Folding mechanisms vary, with each offering a distinct combination of folding speed, folding ease, compactness, ride, weight, durability and price. Distinguished by the…

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  • Ho Chi Minh City Case Study

    1. Introduction Ho Chi Minh city (HCMC), like most Asian cities such as Bangkok, Jakarta, Taipei, is called motorcycle dependent city. In these cities, transport system is dominated by motorcycle. According to General Statistics Office of Vietnam (2013), the approximate population approximate of HCMC is 7.750.900. HCMC has a total administrative area of 2.095 km2. The average population density is about 3.699 in habitants per square km. HCMC population projected to reach ten million by 2020…

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  • Narrative Essay On Skytrain

    I had got use to having the skytrain doors shut in my face. No matter how confused or scared someone looked, no one had the time to stop or help a lost person. The ride back home seemed to be longer than usual and I could not help but notice the nervous group of kids trying to figure out the directions. Looking at them reminded me of the time when I first used the skytrain without any adult supervision. I vividly remember the struggle my little cousin and I faced just to get back home. It…

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  • The Controversy Of A Bus

    The street awakes to the genesis of the warm morning sunlight. The moist morning dew still fresh on the emerald green grass, which has been cut into neat verges like a clean shaven chin. The rigid trees stand tall and wise looking over the desolate street. Suddenly they spy, a lone lost boy pacing along the road looking out to find the comfort of a round sign with the sympathetic symbol of a bus. He checks his watch once composed against the sign; the soothing sigh shows relief and a shining…

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  • Ethno Tourism: The Negative Effects Of Ethno Tourism

    ethno tourism helps in the economic development of a country as far as creating employment for the indigenous population. Some individuals get to sell traditional artifacts and others may take advantage of tourists need to commute and begin public transport services. However, the interference with other people’s livelihood is what causes the economic and cultural problems, such as cultural erosion, crime, psychological impact, and pollution. Although ethno tourism helps improve the economic…

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