Lifestyle In Colombia

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Lifestyle varies significantly from country to country. No two places are the same. The experience you go through, while at one place, is completely different from another. The main differences between lifestyle in Bogotá and in Germantown are transportation, nourishment and education.
Transportation is a big deal. Transportation in Bogotá is a big mess. There are many different types of public transportation in Bogotá, ranging from taxis to buses. However, every single type of transportation is crowded and messy. For example, if you have to be at your job by 7 am, you’d have to wake up, at the latest, by 5. Then you’d have to be outside, in the cold, waiting for the bus to come pick you up. In spite of being the first one there waiting for
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From personal experience, I can tell that people here like to eat out a lot. Fast food places are a favorite and parents barely cook at home. A friend of mine eats out for all three meals of the day. He says his parents don’t cook, and that when they do he doesn’t like the food they make. A normal day for him would be breakfast at McDonald’s, lunch at Panera and dinner at BWW. Not only is this expensive but it is also very unhealthy. In contrast, people in Bogotá would rather eat a healthy meal at home than fast food at a restaurant. They do not have the time to be waiting two hours for the bus to go have a 30 min meal at some McDonald’s. People in Bogotá would prefer to eat healthy too, for this reason they cook at home. It is easier to eat healthy in Bogotá. Markets are within walking distance and people usually go grocery shopping midday to get ready for lunch. This is not possible here in Germantown, from where I live, it will take me at least 25 minutes to get to a ‘Shoppers’ or a ‘Giant’ …show more content…
For this reason, it has a huge impact on you. However, education in Bogota is undoubtedly different from that in Germantown. Education in Bogotá is considerably tougher than here in Germantown. Starting in middle school, students have endless hours of homework. Students also have many more subjects than schools here. In my opinion, this is the main reason as to why school is harder in Bogotá than it is in Germantown. Having more subjects in school means having more homework, more readings, and more study hours. Students in Bogotá barely have time for leisure, on the weekends that is, because on school days this time is nonexistent. I remember going to sleep at very late hours in Bogotá after finishing all the homework due the next day. Once I came here I was surprised at how easy school was. I could even finish all my homework during the school day! I was able to go home and nap, or just play videogames the rest of the day. Once I got to high school things changed though. School was slightly more difficult but, nonetheless, it was still easier than high school in

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