Pseudomonas aeruginosa

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  • Oral Health Care Research Paper

    How Provision of Oral Health Care Affects the Risk of Respiratory Infections in Institutionalized Elderly Persons Requiring Full-time Care Introduction Due to aging, many elderly adults suffer a deterioration in physical capacity and mental acuity, rendering them unable to care for themselves in general and their oral health in particular. Researches show that respiratory pathogens reside in dental plaque (Russell, Boylan, Kaslick, Scannapieco, & Katz, 1999; Scannapieco, Stewart, & Mylotte,…

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  • Antibiotic Resistance In Bacteria

    The Evolution of Antibiotic Resistance in Bacteria Bacterial infections are a leading cause of death all over the world, especially in children and the elderly, whose immune systems are not at their peak. The discovery of antibiotics in the 1940s provided doctors with a powerful weapon against harmful bacteria, often times by inhibiting their protein synthesis or cell wall formation. Within a few years of their use against certain bacteria, however, some antibiotics’ effectiveness began to…

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  • Uti Case Study

    Objectives: ¥ Discuss the most common microorganisms that can cause urinary tract infections and understand the pathogenesis of urinary tract infections. ¥ Review the most common laboratory tests in diagnosing as well as the clinical signs and symptoms. ¥ Review treatment options, both non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic. Overview: Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) are one of the most common illnesses seen in adult patients over the age of 65. [1] Therefore, managing and treating an elderly…

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  • Essay On ESKAPE Pathogens

    The purpose of the research was to potentially find a new bacteria that is capable of producing an antibiotic against one or more of the six ESKAPE pathogens (a group of pathogens that are resistant to most if not all current antibiotics). All research protocol was based on the Yale Small World Initiative and the third edition of Microbiology Laboratory Theory & Application. One bacteria from a sample of soil collected (colony #18) was tested for its ability to produce antibiotics against two of…

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  • Jasminum Grandiflorum Case Study

    6. EXPERIMENAL WORK 6.1 Preliminary Work 6.1.1 Collection of Plant material The leaves of Jasminum grandiflorum was collected locally in the month of July locally from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India. Herbarium file of plant part was prepared and authenticated by Dr. Zia Ul Hasan (Professor, Department of Botany), Safia College Bhopal and the specimen voucher no.assigned was 344/Bot/safia/15 6.1.2 Drying and Size Reduction of Plant Material The leaves of Jasminum grandiflorum was dried under…

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  • Food Handler Assessment

    of false fingernails in the food service industry stated out of 350 subjects, Staphylococcus aureuswas found in 41.7% of participants, 7.4% of participants were found with Escherichia coli, 1.7% housed Proteus sp., and 1.4% was found with Pseudomonas aeruginosa(Wachukwuet al., 2007). Not to forget, nail polish also can contaminate the food because they will disguise the dirt under the nails and flake off into the food. Moreover, any food worker who has infected wounds on the hands should not…

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