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  • Career Path: Non-Profit Event Design

    I am in my late thirties and just starting on my new journey towards learning the skills and knowledge needed for my “dream” career path: non-profit event design, and opening my own business. I work as an administrative assistant for the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, one of the nation’s largest and oldest judicial membership organizations. We serve over 30,000 professionals in the juvenile and family justice system such as judges, referees, commissioners, court masters…

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  • Grand Lens Photography: Non-Profit Analysis

    For many non-profit organizations, social media can mean the difference between accomplishment and obscurity. Photography companies attempt to make every effort to promote the company's art by posting on their social media pages. Although it is normally not a requirement…

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  • Case Analysis: Gross Profit Margin In Caltron Ltd.

    PROFITABILITY RATIO Gross Profit Margin Gross profit margin is a standout among the most essential marker to measure organization's well-being. Gross profit is the balance that the organization have ubtracting the cost goods produced from the sales figure. In this way, gross profit margin is the percentage of gross profit from the business esteem that organization accomplished. The higher the percentage of gross profit margin the better. The industry average of gross profit margin was 22…

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  • Stakeholder Conflicts In Nonprofit Organizations

    Stakeholders Conflicts in Organizations Stakeholders include all people of various disciplines, professions, religions, race, interest, opinions, concerns, and economic status. Both for-profits and not-for-profits organizations values dominated by inclusive stakeholders’ views of the organization. Each stakeholder views the organizational matters as inter-functional conflicts between each stakeholder groups, including investors, leaders or employees. Those assumptions are rest on an idealized…

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  • Trickers Model Of Governance Analysis

    1. Introduction The practice of good governance is pertinent to ensure that positive business performances are realised. The governance roles of boards can directly impact the success of an organisation. Each organisation is unique in aspiration and goals, and there are notably many different styles of boards, which are associated with the design of a particular organisation. Whilst what classifies as good governance remains largely contested, there is ample evidence to suggest that operational…

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  • Jef Tarver Case Study

    League started it was Jeff Tarver idea and he shared it with two of his friends which was Tyler Jenkins and Nevin Shennett and they had a common idea, so they work together to make this great non-profit organization L.I.F.E. League. L.I.F.E. League add more members to their team so as Derek Watford as the treasurer of the organization they believe this would be a great idea because he own the Embark Insurance Agency and American Built Cargo Trailers…

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  • Profit And Loyalty In Dodge V. Ford Motor Co.

    purpose of business was defined as generating as much profit for shareholders as possible. However, given numerous negative externalities created by business and the impact businesses have on their other stakeholders, this definition of a business corporation is limiting and no longer correct. Profit and wealth are great motivators for individuals and businesses, but measurement of success cannot be simplified into “the bottom line”; thus, profit should not be the sole motivator for corporations…

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  • Role Of Board Of Directors In Nonprofit Organization

    collection of information about a certain program so as to make decisions about it. In a nonprofit firm, program evaluation helps in indicating how the organization has achieved its objectives, as well as being utilized as a key indicator of success. Non-profit Account Financial transactions within a nonprofit organization are quite frequent. Therefore, there is always a need to open a bank account to facilitate such an activity. Opening a nonprofit account requires a copy of the nonprofit’s…

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  • Benefits Of Giving USA

    the organization wondered if it would make payroll. Its credit line was nearly maxed out and a number of vendor invoices were left unpaid. A group of board members and staff persons formed a special task force whose jobs were to examine the non-profits current operations but to also look for opportunities grow funding support. Through that effort, it was discovered that individual donations remained steady, however, efforts to connect with individual donors was an area of real opportunity. In…

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  • Martha Nussbaum's Education For Profit, Education For Democracy?

    paying job and promote economic growth. Lately, students have begun to question whether studying the humanities are worth the tuition costs, and if a technical or science based major is a better option. Martha Nussbaum, in her essay “ Education for Profit, Education for Democracy”, brings attention to how “the current focus on education as a form of career training fails to teach students the skills necessary to participate in the political process” (61). Liberal arts schools aim to strengthen…

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