Not-For-Profit Organization Case Study

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Week One Journal

Place the name of the Not-For-Profit Organization here: Shriners Hospitals for Children
Place the name of the For-Profit Organization here: Wal-Mart Corporate

Reflection Prompt # 1

Consequentialism, Deontology, and Virtue Theory

1.) Consequentialism

Moral principles have occurred for many ages and are frequently tested and questioned by researchers and thinkers. They are the ethical standards from which leadership can be attained along the pathway to an evaluation. Each one of them has an unlike methods of measuring what is fair actions. Whether, it is through ethics, deeds, argument, performance, etc,. The three moral principles which will be deliberated in this week journal are the ethical belief of Consequentialism,
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This consequences in both positive and negative conclusions. For instance, the Walter Fleming and William Florence’s film Shriners was inspired by their desire to take the profit motive out of healthcare because, in their view, the ways public seek profits do not lead them to grant the amount and class of care they feels patients should have.

3.) Strategic Misrepresentation

Strategic misrepresentation, when a company deliberately giving inaccurate truth to obtain an economic achievement. “It is the intentional and systematic distortion or misstatement of facts for the purpose of gaining a financial advantage” (Fieser & Moseley, 2012). Cases of strategic misrepresentation in budgeting exemplify that it is a depending policy receptive to an approach of rewards in a extremely competitive game where means limits are present.

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You can’t manage a firm by what your own principles are because there are not the same beliefs amongst people on ethics. If an individual is held responsible to for their performance, so should groups, they should not be given a smack on the hand. We are all designed similarly and should be care for in the same way whether in the firm or in the public. A party has a limited reach and sphere of influence over the population. Groups in some circumstances have an universal reach and can wound lots of

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