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  • Commentary On The Play Grounded

    Grounded was a creatively executed, compelling play about a Pilot and her struggle to keep her identity as a fighter pilot while still being a loving mother and wife. The show was held in the basement of the Longstreet Theatre in a small, dark room. There was one actress on stage, but it was obvious that the production involved several other people to pull it all together back stage. The show was designed so that the audience could see the actress playing the Pilot, a single chair, and a variety…

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  • The Glass Box Monologue

    The set is clean and empty; it is a blank canvas. There are plain colours on stage, whether it be just a white light, or a light blue. There is someone on stage. They are not female; nor are they male. They just are. This is THE CHARACTER. THE CHARACTER is in a limbo of sorts. THE CHARACTER did not mean to pass away -- they did not want to pass away. The mystery to the audience, however, is how did THE CHARACTER pass away. All we know, as the audience, is that the character is not ready to come…

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  • Tuesday With Morrie Book Report

    Tuesday with Morrie. This book starts with Morrie Schwartz’s story. Professor likes dance. Every Wednesday night, he used to go to church in Harvard Square for something called “Dance free”. And he loved that acting. One day, his illness gets worse. He was tired in a moment when he walks. And he fall down more and more. After he goes to see doctors, he finally found that he got a brutal illness of the neurological system. This illness doesn’t have medicine and treat method. He can’t swim and…

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  • Merrily We Roll Along Analysis

    One of the performances with the most memorable musical staging is the song “Opening Doors.” This scene is towards the end of the musical, and depicts Frank, Charlie, and Mary in the writing room singing about the first production they are going to have, how it is coming…

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  • Difference Between Macbeth And Other Theatre Quirks

    not the only aspects that make it significant. Superstitions from the early ages of theatre are motifs that are extremely present throughout the language. From words that must never be uttered to greetings that are deemed as good luck before a performance, theatrical language is one that has proven to be efficient, superstitious, historic, and filled with tradition. First and…

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  • Sing A Song Definition

    Sing a Song of Significance: Keyword Definition Argument Everybody loves music. Everybody loves the performance arts. Combining those two facts create an extremely popular genre of entertainment known as the musical. However, combining those two aspects might be more challenging than one might initially suspect, as the idea of a musical is surprisingly difficult to categorize, and the reasons for their existence must be analyzed in order to properly identify their role in modern entertainment.…

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  • Personal Identity In David Hume's View Of The Self

    This is similar to a stage where plays are subjected to interferences. However, these interruptions are often expertly handled by cast and crew members, and the entire performance is seemingly cohesive to the audience. Similarly, the individual perceptions, though isolated, are brought together via the relation of ideas and the mind is tricked into believing the continued succession. These perceptions make appearances, retreats…

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  • Dramaturgy: Film Analysis

    As explained by Erving Goffman, the sociological concept of dramaturgy is a theatrical representation of life which revolves on the idea that “impression formation is a central feature of human interaction which brings about the attempt to present oneself to others in a particular way” (Tischler and Ashton 23). The world in which we live in is like a stage because as human beings, we are concerned about our public image and how we present our identity to the public. In truth, we make an effort…

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  • Concert Reflection Paper

    bad or off, so it was obvious that the hard work had paid off. Even though I enjoyed it, I do not believe I would return to the same concert again, because it seemed to be a more intimate performance for the musicians friends and family, making it feel like I was an outsider. I would go see another performance similar to it though. Orchestral music has never been my favorite music, but I have always had a sort of respect for it. Hearing the piece “Spiral” being played with three cellos, really…

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  • Seasons Love Rent Play Analysis

    If one individual reads all the name of the songs that was sang in this play, he or she will recognize something. That recognition is perceiving that this play contributes many themes and ideas. With themes and ideas that jump from one tone to another, with still keeping a bright stage for the audience to see that there is a happy satisfaction in the air between the actors. For instance, song titles in the play like, “Chicago”, “Mamma Mia”, “Dogfight, “Rent”, are all song titles that one can…

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