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  • Nihilism In Africa

    West argues that one cannot cure Nihilism but rather tame it through love and care. However, equally important to the taming of nihilism is literature. Nihilism is a product of the desensitization of oppression that one faces every day. One starts to believe the negative images and words of their oppressors. Nihilism is an autonomous cycle that continues from negative ideas and form more negative ideas. According to West, “A major contemporary strategy for holding the nihilistic threat at bay is a direct attack on the sense of worthlessness and self-loathing in black America” (225). In this West urges many to dispel the negative ideas and word of the oppressor which in turn produce this sense of worthlessness and self-loathing. One way to dispel these ideas is through literacy. As many of the propaganda against people of color is done through the media. If one is literate, it can be said that one has to capacity to tell the falsified truth of the media—which keep their oppressors in power—from the hidden truths of reality.…

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  • Nihilism In Joseph Conrad's Heart Of Darkness

    Monika Pareek Professor Chandra British Literature (Early 20th Century) 6th October 2015 Nihilism and the Idea of Darkness in Heart of Darkness Joseph Conrad's novel Heart of Darkness was written more than a century ago and was first published in 1899. In much the same way as in the novel, where Marlow could observe that almost all the blank spots on the map had been filled, the world at the end of the 20th century had all but been explored. The 19th century was coming to an end and the French…

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  • Christian Existentialism Analysis

    They hold to an extremely skeptical view that nothing in this world has a real existence. I true Nihilist would have believe in nothing, have no loyalties, and no purpose other than to destroy. Both Absurdism and Nihilism are closely related to Existentialism. All three hold to the views that this world is meaningless, unless you do what you want, believe on nothing, and reject any religious groups. Also the worldviews agree that nothing can explain the existence of humanity or for what…

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  • Nietzsche's Nothingness Analysis

    Nihilism: Don’t Embrace Nietzsche’s Nothingness “Life itself is essential assimilation, injury, violation of the foreign and the weaker, suppression, hardness, the forcing of One’s own forms upon something else, ingestion and—at least in its mildest form—exploitation.” -Nietzsche Beyond Good and Evil The nihilism analysis has been prevalent position over the past few years. Its anticipated purpose is to demand questions about the norms made in a philosophical debate. These contain the…

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  • Nietzsche's Nihilistic Theory

    The Nihilistic theory is one that disregards aspects of one's life that provide comfort and faith. Beginning with de Beauvoir's outlook and nihilism, she sees the nihilist view as some cowardly way to avoid the unknown of life. No one knows what happens when they pass, this aspect frightens many and over the many millennia humans have come up with a plethora of ideas and theories as to what happens beyond this visual plane. These hypotheses gave and still to this day give people hope and…

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  • Turgenev's Criticism Of Bazarov By Turgenev

    Russian intelligentsia (Freeborn 1994, 39), which would have in turn born some influence on him. Since the 1860s, however, Turgenev’s work has met with criticism revolving around ideology versus poeticism, and at the center of this argument is Bazarov. In regard to this controversial character, Turgenev said, ‘in the main character, Bazarov, there lay the figure of a young provincial doctor that struck me’ (Turgenev 1869 cited in Katz 2008, p 133). We cannot know to what degree Turgenev used…

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  • Absurd Theatre Analysis

    Good morning distinguished guests I’m Samantha Crawford and it’s a pleasure to be here discussing the performance Absurd by Homunculus theatre company. Absurd is about “An internationally renowned brother and sister comic duo… doing a lecture on 4 adaptions of 4 Absurdist Plays” (Humunculous theatre company, n.d.).This production successfully produced a fascinating and interesting theatrical form of entertainment through the clever utilisation of the elements of drama; specially movement,…

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  • Themes And Metaphors In Samuel Beckett's Waiting For Godot

    “Waiting for Godot” uses stage direction, parallels, uncertainty, and a tragicomedy approach in order to show that Estragon and Vladimir’s lives are meaningless. This also extends to eventually convey Samuel Beckett’s larger commentary on the purpose of human existence. Beckett wants to show how every individual’s life has no purpose or meaning. Before any thorough analysis can be made, it is important to understand the larger, extended metaphor that is this play—a metaphor for humankind. This…

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  • Nietzsche's Views On Buddhism

    Many philosophers and other devout pessimist have made claims that the Buddhist lifestyle is ultimately pessimistic. It’s easy to take the teachings of the buddha and apply them to a pessimistic lifestyle but the basis of pessimism is denial and that’s the opposite of what the buddha was attempting to teach. The basis of Buddhism is the four noble truths which are the existence of suffering, that suffering has a cause, that there is a cessation of suffering, and that the Eightfold path is the…

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  • Existentialism In Ernest Hemingway's A Clean Well-Lighted Place

    Existentialism, a noun made up of five syllables is one of the most daunting words in the English language. The idea that we “humans” have no meaning in life until we find a way to make our lives mean something, for some of us that time never comes. Ernest Hemingway wrote many short stories that have the underlying message of existentialism and that includes his story “A Clean Well-Lighted Place” which follows the late night events within a cafe. Through this everlasting night we see three…

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