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  • Fall Dance Performance

    Southern Mississippi hosted the Repertory Dance Company Fall Dance Concert. This was primarily a showcase for dance majors and students that displayed phenomenal dance skills. Held at the Mannoni Performing Arts Center at the university’s campus, the performances highlighted various blossoming dancers with a wide range of unique dance styles. This was a superb opportunity to gain a different conception of dance, which for an experienced Jazz and Hip-Hop dancer, created the perfect challenge. The…

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  • Resident Alien Play Analysis

    endeavor, I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. Although I don’t dislike theatre and plays, the title of this particular work didn’t strike me as the least bit interesting. My eyes were opened during the performance, and I was quick to change my harsh judgment. I thoroughly enjoyed the performance of the new musical, Resident Alien. All of the performers did very well in my opinion. Iliana Garcia, Kelly McCarty, and Kylee Smith Verhoff, Libby Rounds, Annie Sorey, Jimmy Kurts, and Hunter…

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  • Rigging Research Paper

    The magic of theatre has fascinated children and adults since the 1600's. Behind some of the magic of the theatre is just a couple of guys pulling ropes. These people are called Riggers, because they rig cable and ropes to pulleys to make backdrops, people, or set pieces fly. When flying pieces or people, theatres will use a multitude of different things to fly. Unfortunately, stages are also built in a multitude of ways for the purpose of different experiences. For many theatres, stages have…

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  • The Castle Film Analysis

    The Castle (1997), directed by Rob Sitch and Strictly Ballroom (1992), directed by Baz Luhrman both succeed in displaying the idea of Australian dreamers. They both to show that Australia is a land where working hard can make dreams come true. Scott, from Strictly Ballroom, dreams to win the Pan Pacific’s, and more importantly, to dance his own steps. Darryl, The Castle, just wants to keep living his simple life in his house with his family. While both ideals and characters vastly contrast, they…

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  • The Flying Lovers Of Vitebsk Play Analysis

    characters in the play are supposed to have a chemistry together. It’s also important that the audience can feel and connect to their chemistry. It was definitely something that I saw and felt. The actors interacted with each other very well. Their performance was very natural.Their voice…

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  • Away Michael Gow Analysis

    Reality…; unreality… : two concepts explored by Michael Gow in the play “Away”. Significant to the play and audience alike, as the concept of true reality is a perception within the individual. Act Two Scene Three and Act Five Scene One, are both significant scene’s as the relationship between the characters, Coral and Roy, is developed. Gow effectively makes use of stylistic and language techniques such as stage direction, music, allegory, metaphor, symbolism to bring the characters and story…

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  • Gregory Wang Sonata No 4 Analysis

    It's my pleasure to attend piano recital on the Friday evening, February Twenty-Third at Recital Hall. The performer, Gregory Wang, who was a senior of Jacobs school of music, and this was his graduation recital. And also, Gregory Wang, he is my teacher of my Beginning Piano Class I (P110). He performed two pieces of music, which were Sonata No.2 in D Major, Op. 94a by Sergei Prokofiev in 1943 and Trio in E-Flat Major, Op.40 by Johannes Brahmas. By the way, Sonata No.2 in D Major, Op. 94a has…

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  • Rolling Stones Advertisement Analysis

    In the magazine, The Rolling Stones, (the October 2016 edition) the ads that are used are filled with a large variety of ads. Advertisements have alway tried to convince their audiences to buy a product or service, and they usually have a certain audience that they 're trying to appeal to. They try to appeal to these audiences by using different types of advertising methods. The two advertisements are being compared and contrasted by use a variety of rhetorical appeals/devices/ and techniques to…

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  • Expectations In Christopher Anthony's Song Of Shibutanis

    with disabilities in modern times must disregard all expectations to truly accomplish their potentials. “The way that the child or young person thinks about his or her capabilities and talents is itself a key element in determining the level of performance that he or she will…

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  • The Skin Of Our Teeth Analysis

    should should only see the play as bizarre. I find this idea confusing. The show often alludes to religion and offers up moments that could suggest that a deeper realization would reveal a lot to what the show really meant. Also the attitude of the performances could’ve been more lighthearted, but instead the show just dragged. I also was informed that The Skin of Our Teeth was a comedy. Maybe it had something to do with the audience’s inability to have a full laugh, but I was getting more of a…

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