Argumentative Essay On Transgressions For Homeowners

Having committing some transgressions of my own, I am one of the proponents of this topic. Not securing long-term employment, very bad purchase decisions, educational loans and some scary medical mishaps has my credit score pretty low at the moment. And yet, I would like to have a home of my own one day. It will take some time to clear the accounts that are weighing me down but at least I know what I have to do to fulfill my dream. The current real estate marketlets discredited clients know that the door is not completely closed on their future. Having a terrible credit rating does not mean you have to quit on your potential to have a house. Once someone is able to rebound from their pitfalls, there will be options towards helping you …show more content…
Having seen how to lose an asset, one could be even more focused to ensure that it does not happen again. Individuals having a second attemptat the housing market would hopefully mean having learned from the previous mistake. The homeowner’s mentality should be to not make the same fatal flaws that put them in their current situation. There will be a conscious effort to budget responsibly, accrue one’s bank account or accounts, pay off outstanding bills and do this within the comfort of their own home. Create an environment of economic security for your own benefit. The ability to guarantee timely payments from a steady source of income is paramount going forward. This can create a since of pride in someone to work harder than they did before. Not forhaving the fear of more to lose, one can have the perspective of everything to gain still. They can believe that the past disgrace cannot happen again and is behind them. Enable the feelings of victimization from past leases and mortgage contracts to fade away. They now believe that their future is in their control in an arena where they havea new understanding of what is required and how it is

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