Disadvantage Of The White Race

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For years the black race in America has been limited and damaged by the white race. From the moment black people were brutally forced into the United States all the way to present-day, where society still limits them and continues to do so. The white race has deeply scarred the black race into lacking self-respect due to the white races’ violent and traumatizing history, the current racist flaws they created in society, and their superiority complex and white privilege. To truly understand something, you must always first understand its history. The white race, specifically the white man, has always caused widespread damage among other races of color. Slavery in America began when the first African slaves were brought to Jamestown, Virginia, …show more content…
Perhaps they are in denial about their own privilege in order to make it seem as if all races are all equal. But all races are still not treated as equal. White privilege exits. One primary example of white privilege is that white people have the ability to have greater access to power and recourses than people of color. This creates an incredibly unfair disadvantage for the people of color in America, especially black people. According to Frances E. Kendal, Ph.D., who is a nationally known consultant, “white people in the United States are two to ten times more likely to get a housing loan than people of color.” An opportunity such as a housing loan can make a big difference in someone’s life. It is the difference between having to settle for a cheap old apartment in a bad neighborhood or finally being able to invest and buy the house of your dreams with no financial worries. It is unfair for black people to be denied something as important as a housing loan simply because of the color of their skin. All these disadvantages they are forced to live with takes a toll on them. It is hard to have self-respect when you feel as if the world you live in does not respect you and is working against you. But with all these advantages and privileges that white people have, it makes them feel more entitled to any other potential advantages. That entitlement turns into confidence that then helps them achieve any goals that they have and the cycle continues. Meanwhile for black people, the constant letdowns make it harder and harder to

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