Argumentative Essay On Gentrification

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Sophia Miana
Professor Hitch
English 100
3 October 2017
What is Gentrification
Mia and her family have lived in the same town since the first time she developed memories. She’s also known her neighbors the same time she’s known her family. One day, she comes home from school, and witnessed a notice taped to the front door of their house. The paper read that there will be reconstructing of old houses and construction of new buildings in her area, and that the price of their house was going to increase. Mia is aware of what’s going to happen to her neighborhood since she is in high school, but she still asked her father what will happen to them. Her father, deflated, answered her that private contractors have no right to undertake the plans
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New developments and businesses, large corporations, and private institutions are what gentrifying neighborhoods attract. For these reasons, housing demand goes up in the area. This denotes that affordable housing would be hard to achieve since property value rises. Richard Florida explains in his article, “This Is What Happens After A Neighborhood Gets Gentrified,” how local residents “may feel pressured to move to more affordable locations,” (Florida 9). Usually, these businesses will bring in some conveniences such as beautified environment, more security, and money to the community, but they will also drive away the neighborhood’s local inhabitants. The pressure builds up as wealthier people start moving in replacing those who left or will leave. Furthermore, when housing and renting prices rise, those who are unable to afford it will be forced to plan an alternative way to save their homes. In Saki Knafo’s article, “Is Gentrification a Human Rights Violation?,” he expresses his concern, “what happens to those people who can’t afford to stay in these “revitalized” neighborhoods?,” (Knafo 12). Often, these low-income residents who can’t manage to pay will either struggle to compensate for the payments until they face eviction or eventually be forced to move out instantly. Worst case scenario for them would be moving into poorer neighborhoods or being homeless. While gentrification may bring some improvements, …show more content…
One of the main reasons why gentrification takes place is for economic growth. Businesses, private corporations, the government, etc., want to profit from the new developments and establishments that they plan to construct. Of course, one of the many ways to collect money from people is through taxes. As wealthier people move into a low-income neighborhood, the median income increases. As a matter of fact, Patrick Gillespie’s article, “How Gentrification May Benefit the Poor,” provides an example of how “Philadelphia’s gentrifying neighborhoods have benefited by seeing an increase in jobs and lower crime,” (Gillespie 9). The government is able to invest more in services that are beneficial for the community, since upper class residents contribute more income tax and property taxes, which then increases tax revenues. These services include improving schools, reconditioning of roads and parks, beautifying and rehabilitating the community, and most importantly providing a safer environment. A decline in crime rates is highly desired in a community since it attracts more businesses and residents. Gentrification gives property ownership and diminishes vacant properties, which often have high concentration in crimes. Moreover, the addition of more shops and establishments means more job opportunities for everyone, especially for low income residents. Overtime, as more investments generate more money, wages increase,

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