Absurd Theatre Analysis

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Good morning distinguished guests I’m Samantha Crawford and it’s a pleasure to be here discussing the performance Absurd by Homunculus theatre company. Absurd is about “An internationally renowned brother and sister comic duo… doing a lecture on 4 adaptions of 4 Absurdist Plays” (Humunculous theatre company, n.d.).This production successfully produced a fascinating and interesting theatrical form of entertainment through the clever utilisation of the elements of drama; specially movement, tension and roles and relationships to create a ground-breaking performance that explicitly dealt with the themes directly associated with absurd theatre, such as life’s purposelessness and death’s inevitability. The constant demonstration of the effective …show more content…
Claude and Tina’s were quite distinctive when creating and establishing their role as siblings and communicating the topic of life and the fact that in life we must embrace the challenges and relationships that comes with it. Tina’s bossy yet graceful and sophisticated demeanour contrasted against, Claude’s cheeky attitude which would often result in confrontation. An example of when the two characters projected their tumultuous dynamics was when Tina was desperate to get the boot off however Claude acted casually to her instruction and ignored her direction. Therefore, through the establishment of the couple’s turbulent relationship, the audience was positioned to understand the purposelessness of Tina removing the boot as this action had no meaning and didn’t provide anything to the progression of the storyline. Another demonstration of their strained relationship was when Tina was directing Claude. Tina maintained the position of the director communicating higher status. however, during the action Claude continuously interjects, Tina’s vison which in turn challenges her authority. This interrupts Tina which then means that status is being challenged. As a result of the frustration between the two characters and the constantly deviating status between Tina and Claude, it further enhances the theme of life and its purposelessness as Claude did not have to argue with his sister. As a result, the production effectively communicated the theme of Life through the manipulation of Roles and Relationships. Here the actors established a clear strenuous dynamic and in doing so, conveyed to the audience that everyone will have to deal with challenging relationships and that life is purposelessness, thus creating dramatic

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