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  • Saigon Petes Case Study

    truck to the existing fleet of three and possibly another route. The changes should result in an increase in revenues as well as profits within a two years. Saigon Pete’s is a chain of food trucks serving banh mi sandwiches and other Vietnamese cuisine in San Francisco, California. The food truck trend started around 2010 primarily with tacos and other Mexican food. Saigon Pete’s came onto the scene with a single food truck a few years later in 2012 and began…

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  • Becoming Vegetarian Research Paper

    At the present time there are about 800 millions vegetarians in the world. Besides, more and more people are becoming vegetarians, even though the others can’t imagine their life without meat. Vegetarianism is partial or complete rejection of food that is animal origin. There are different types of vegetarians, the variety depends on what the person refuses to eat. The most common type are the lacto-ovo-vegetarians, who eat both dairy products and eggs. Less common type are the…

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  • My Cultural Identity Analysis

    and how quickly I improved. By the time I reached middle school, I began to identify myself as a jock. I played for the school basketball team and spent almost every day practicing. Sometime around sixth grade, I had to do a project about my heritage and from that point on I became very interested in my own culture. I am half Mexican and half European which creates a very interesting mix of cultures. My mom’s family came from France, Scotland and Germany and settled in Mississippi, Tennessee…

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  • Mexican Culture Interview Report

    1. Interview After having an interesting interview with Vanessa Hernandez, a Mexican student at Durham Tech in the library on October 20th, I understood more about the culture as well as food of Mexican people. First, when we were talking about Mexican culture, I realized that Mexican culture and Vietnamese culture have some common values. Vanessa was born in Michivacan, Mexico. When she talked about most of the population in her hometown were Christian, I was thinking about the movie “Conquest…

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  • How Does Jannine Affect Filipino Culture

    anything feeling and not sweet. It could be a plate of noodles, a sandwich or a plate of fried rice. Until today, Jannine still eat more her own culture food and she barely eat “American” food. However, Jannine does eat a lot of differentces of Asian cuisine. Jannine believe that the changes in her food culture is mostly due to modern life. When Jannine were still in the Philippine, she, her friends and many younger Filipinos would usually eat at least one meal a day that is non-traditional…

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  • Causal Essay On Brazil

    The dish was created because of the fish that was provided by the Atlantic Ocean. It has been embedded in the Brazilian culture and cuisine for at least three hundred years. Moqueca is basically a salt water fish stew with vegetables and seasonings like coriander and garlic. The dish is based off of the African style of cooking and Portuguese depending on the way it is made. Sword fish…

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  • Italian American Discourse Community

    The Italian American Discourse Community During the past couple of weeks I have been observing the Italian discourse community, which I am apart of as my immediate family are Italian-Americans. Through the many observations, I have been able to grasp a better understanding on how distinct the Italian-American community is in comparison to the other communities around me. I examined the community Italian-American discourse community rigorously and I found many characteristics that make the…

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  • Restaurant Analysis

    It was our last night in Tokyo. As much as I was sad to leave this intriguing city, I was excited to try one of the best sushi restaurants in the city. The trip ended with one of the most memorable meals of my life. The restaurant was tucked in a tangle of alleyways in a quiet, residential area of Tokyo. Small, welcoming and clean: the restaurant’s exterior represented the delicate and exquisite food that we were about to taste. Two elderly chefs, who were behind the counter, were filleting a…

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  • Enchiladas Research Paper

    meals. You can buy them in the store fresh or frozen to make quickly at home. Tex-Mex and Mexican food are very much the same and different; yet, they remain more similar than people know. “Tex-Mex is practically new in the grand structure of world cuisines (it’s only been around for about 150 years), it's still evolving” (Fain 153). Anyone from Texas has heard of cheese enchiladas found all over Texas and Mexico. A lot of Texans miss this dish when traveling or living in a different part of…

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  • Vietnamese Immigrants Culture Analysis

    frequently go to the temple in Lunar New Year. More than a festival, Lunar New Year is an opportunity for the whole family, friends and meet together, talk together with Vietnamese immigrants’ community. It is the opportunity to taste the hometown cuisines, and remind them to remember their…

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