Causal Essay On Brazil

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Among the various regions in South America, Brazil is widely known for what is considered the biggest carnival in the world. With a whopping two million people per day in attendance. Everyone may know of the famous carnival, thanks to the vibrant and exciting Blue Sky Studio’s movie Rio that was centered around the carnival festivities. The upbeat film inspired me to want to dig deeper and find a connection that speaks to me as a culinarian in the heart of Brazil. Carnival is thought of as both a massive and vibrant festival held in different places besides Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Many tourists have been attracted to this area because of the flamboyant and rowdy celebrations.
Brazil covers nearly half of the South America continent.
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The dish was created because of the fish that was provided by the Atlantic Ocean. It has been embedded in the Brazilian culture and cuisine for at least three hundred years. Moqueca is basically a salt water fish stew with vegetables and seasonings like coriander and garlic. The dish is based off of the African style of cooking and Portuguese depending on the way it is made. Sword fish and shark steaks are some types of fish that are used in the stew. The African style is made with palm oil and coconut milk. The Portuguese style uses urucm, the annatto …show more content…
It has the consistency of a custard and comes out bright yellow or off white in color due to the amount of eggy yolks used. Like most of the Brazilian foods, quindim has a Portuguese background. The recipe was formulated around a Portuguese baked dessert. “The utilization of massive amounts of egg yolks indicate its Portuguese roots; Portuguese cookery traditionally employs substantial numbers of egg yolks.” As the dessert developed, it was later reshaped by African slaves in Bahia. The main ingredient that was added by the African slaves was the

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